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Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle Review

If you are thinking of using a classic-looking bike saddle with modern features, then nothing can be better than the Brooks England Swift Bicycle Saddle. Here is an honest Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle Review for further understanding.

Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Brooks.
  • Rails: Chrome.
  • User: Male riders.
  • Cover: Leather
  • Weight: 400g (approx.).

If you are talking about a classic saddle, this one is a masterpiece. The manufacture, Brooks Saddles really knows how to preserve classiness. This saddle will give you a special feeling as you sit on it. The shape is redesigned to improve aerodynamics and comfort.

The saddle is not an extremely comfortable one nor gives superior performance. But it definitely gives you a classic vibe. The only area I find this saddle suitable is for the road trip and relaxation rides. This saddle is around 152mm wide and provides enough room for seating comfortably. The sturdy construction of this saddle can fluently face any shock or minor hits.

A great thing about this saddle is its high-quality leather that is shaped for more comfortable rides. The best part is, this leather becomes more comfortable as they get older. Overall, the Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle is the best classic saddle in the market so far.

What I Liked:

●    The appearance of this seat will definitely give you a good impression among other riders.
●    This saddle is quite comfortable and possible to go on a day-long trip with it.
●    It weighs lesser than the other classic saddles on the market.
●    Besides this chrome rail version, the Brooks England Swift Bicycle Saddle is also available in sleek titanium rails.

What I Don’t Like:

●    Though it has relatively better aerodynamics, it is not a performance saddle.
●    Since there is no thick padding, it is not a good shock-absorber.

FAQs: Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle

Is Proofide and tensioning key included?

Answer: I think it varies – I purchased the Swift Titanium and I did get Proofide. The tensioning key was also there, I believe – I say it like that because it is not the typical Brooks wrench, it is just an Allen wrench for this seat. The Proofide I got was a small tin, not the normal size you would get if you purchased it separately.

What is the difference between the Swift and the Brooks Team Pro?

Answer: The two are actually very similar, with the Swift being a little narrower than the Team Pro. If you have narrow sit bones you can use the Swift; if you have wider ones you will probably better fit the Team Pro. Expect either to have a break-in period before they are comfortable for longer (60+) mile rides. The leather is initially quite rigid on both and wants repeated applications of Proofide to help it break in and waterproof it. I followed the Brooks recommendations and it has taken over 1500 miles (I weigh 150 lb) to break a Swift in. A friend broke in her B17 by putting it into a shop vise and pounding it with a rubber hammer.

Video Review: Brooks England Swift Chrome Saddle

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Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle Review

The Wittkop is in saddle manufacturing since the late 19th century. That’s why you can completely trust their Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddles for comfort and lastingness. Read this Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle Review patiently to know more.

Comfort and Adjusted to your needs

the innovative 5-zone-concept and the memory foam enable an ergonomic and comfortable seat for extensive, painless rides for men and women.


Wittkop Saddle Airflow

Your saddle is equipped with the special Wittkop Airflow System. It ensures an innovative ventilation, that helps your private parts to stay cool and dry.


Drops just drip off.
Due to additionally welded seams, your new saddle is a hundred percent waterproof.


The right for every type. The right saddle depends on your riding position and the width of your seat bone. Wittkop saddle offer a range of 5.4-8.5 inch.

Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Manufacturer: Wittkop.
  • Padding: Foam padding.
  • Foam: 5-zone memory foam.
  • Cover: welded seams fiber cover.

One of the most comfortable saddles around the market. After using it for a while, I find this Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle way comfortable than most other alternatives that come in this price range. You will instantly feel the comfort of this saddle as soon you seat on it.

Though I have used the MTB version, it also comes for the city and touring bikes too. All of them are made of similar materials and provide great room for comfort. While riding with this saddle, I don’t feel any pain in my thighs while pedaling. Its innovative 5-part construction provides a significant improvement in comfort.

The seat is fully waterproof and slides off the water drops instantly. Meaning, rain or sweat will never moist and damage the saddle. Overall, it is a perfect saddle if you seeking comfort for longer rides.

What I Liked:

●    It comes will a middle cut with an enhanced airflow system.
●    A fully waterproof saddle cover keeps it moist free and lets you ride in the rainy season worry-free.
●    Wittkop constructed this saddle with their 5-Zone Concept. It provides superior comfort and increases long-ride satisfaction without any pain.
●    The memory foams used in this saddle are of premium quality and remain soft forever.

What I Don’t Liked:

●    It is a relatively heavy saddle than other alternatives.
●    Extreme heat may spoil the seat in long run.

Wittkop bike saddle size guide

FAQs: Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle

Will the Wittkop saddle fit the NordicTrack s22i?

Answer: This seat definitely DOES NOT fit my NordicTrack s22i – it’s definitely not built for the candle-type seat post, but after removing that assembly it does not fit the patent seat post either. It’s not surprising that NordicTrack would have an off-size seat assembly. I definitely don’t think it’s the seat manufacturer’s issue at all. Not sure how it fits the user above.

What is the difference between this bike seat (Wittkop) and the Velmia “Trekking” seat?

Answer: I’ve listed the measurements of the two seats below so that you can compare them and decide which one you like better.
Wittkop Trekking: Length = 10.83 in, Width = 6.69 in, Height = 3.46 in, Weight = 1.3 lb.
Velmia Trekking: Length = 10.6 in, Width = 7.4 in, Height = 4.2 in, Weight = 1.9 lb.

What is the spacing on the rails?

Answer: The spacing is the standard rail spacing, so the seat will fit on any standard bike post.

Do these saddles come with a warranty?

Answer: The warranty is for 2 years from the date of purchase. Enjoy the riding

Is Wittkop Saddle good for a Peloton bike?

Answer: Yes, the Wittkop bike seat will fit your Peloton bike.

Is it supposed to look sloped downward?

Answer: When properly mounted, the seat should be aligned straight, to ensure comfortable use! If you’re in doubt about the installation of your seat.

Video Review: Wittkop Medicus Air Bicycle Saddle

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GORIX Bike Saddle Review

I am sure, every single bicycle rider wishes for a saddle that is really comfortable and also stylish enough to match the bike. The GORIX Bike Saddle is a perfect example of that kind of saddle. Learn why in this GORIX Bike Saddle review.

GORIX Bike Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Brand: GORIX
  • Color: Black×Celeste
  • Padding: Foam.
  • Rail: Steel.
  • Shell Material: Polyester.
  • Cover: PU leather.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 5.9″×2.9″×10.8 inches
  • Weight: 0.7lb.

Apart from comfort and performance, a major of selecting this saddle could be its massive color variations. GORIX Saddle literally comes with 24 different color combinations for both male and female riders. Every single of these saddles is eye-catchy and has excellent color combinations.

This saddle is thick cushioned and provides a great level of comfort on every single ride. It also prevents vibrations quite effectively on every type of terrain. Plus, it evenly spreads your body weight on the saddle and gives superior control over your ride.

The outer layer is protected from UV and moist. So this saddle is suitable for any weather condition. In wrap up, it is a perfect saddle if you do long rides or searching for a stylish saddle that perfectly suits your bike.

GORIX Bike Saddle

What I Liked:

●    Extra padding and intelligent cushioning design to keep your hip and back pain-free all day long.
●    This saddle comes with a long mid-cut. Apparently, it makes the saddle more comfortable and flexible.
●    It has much thick cushioning than most other performance saddles.
●    Tons of colors to choose from and match your bike.

What I Disliked:

●    This saddle is definitely on the heavier side.
●    It is not a gel saddle that could have made it even for comfy.

FAQs: GORIX Bike Saddle

Does it come with the clamp to tie it down?

Answer: The clamp is part of your bike’s seat post. So the answer is no.

Does the saddle have a downward angle or does it sit level on the post?

Answer: depends on what is comfortable for you. i like mine totally horizontal or maybe the front just a bit higher than the rear.

Is this saddle bucky?

Answer: Is not Bucky and is not the most comfortable seat but is ok.

Is this saddle bulky?

Answer: yes, it’s bulky.

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Charge Spoon Saddle Review

The saddle is one of the core things of a bicycle, That’s why you should be very careful and choosy while picking a saddle. Charge Spoon Saddle is a good quality saddle that comes with maximum comfort and proper aerodynamics. Learn more specifications from this Charge Spoon Saddle review.

Charge Spoon Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Rails: Chromo Rails.
  • Cover: Synthetic Leather.
  • Dimensions‏: ‎ 13.2 x 6.9 x 2.5 inches;
  • Weight: 285 grams.

By just looking at this saddle, you might get confused with the Selle Italia Flite. Though the Charge Spoon Saddle is widely popular most for its build quality and stunning performance. This saddle is designed to keep the rider in position with a good grip. Apparently, the seating area is a little deep and perfectly supports your hip.

Taking about the comfort, this saddle is quite well-cushioned and spreads your body weight evenly on the seat. So, you won’t feel pain in any certain area of your hip. Also, it includes a pressure relief channel. Well, this feature is quite common nowadays. It basically keeps your private parts safe while off-roading.

Overall, this is a budget performance saddle with all the qualities to be a great mountain, track, or road saddle.

What I Liked:

●    This is a great saddle if you are looking for a budget-friendly saddle.
●    The build quality is undoubtedly good and gives you longer service life.
●    It has a curvy seating area that gives you a good grip and proper control while riding.
●    The saddle is totally perfect for uninterrupted long ridings.

What I Don’t Like:

●    This saddle is not super flexible like other expensive alternatives.
●    This saddle has no mid-cut that.

FAQs: Charge Spoon Saddle

are these synthetic?

Yes. They are entirely synthetic. It’s a nice finish, and quite leather-like, but waterproof and comfy.

Is the material waterproof? What happens when it rains?

It’s synthetic so it does get soaked eventually but light rain typically beads off. I spray mine with silicone waterproofing to help repel water

Would this work for heavy riders?

It is a good value for the price. I weigh 215 at 6’1″ and it works well enough if you take the bumps with your legs. If you want to sit upright and putter around town you will need a suspension post at minimum. If you are really out of shape get a spring seat to save your sit bones.

What grip tape would match with this saddle?

Deda Elemental leather-look matches near perfectly. I now have Arundel Gecko Grip in brown and it looks good with this saddle.

Video Review: Charge Spoon Saddle Rails

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Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad Review

Saddle pads are a great relief for horses. Especially if you ride your horses for a really long time uninterruptedly. The Professionals Choice Equine Smx Air-Ride Shilloh Saddle Pad is the one you can blindly trust in this situation. Plus, its great build quality will sure to satisfy you. Here is a simple Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad review.

Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad Reviews: An Overview  

Highlighted Features:

  • Outer layer: 100% woolen Navajo blanket top.
  • Build Process: Hand woven.
  • Padding: 3/4″ breathable padding.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 34 x 3 x 36 inches.
  • Weight: 5 Pounds.

I have tried several saddle pads on my horses. Only a couple of them were good enough to impress me. The Professionals Choice Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad is one of the fabulous ones with great effectiveness.

First of all, this saddle feels very rich on hand. Its densely woven blanket top ensures its longibility. The manufactures used an innovative Smx H.D. (Heavy Duty) Air Ride core for these saddle pads. Apparently, these cores are way more comfortable than their previous generation.

Moreover, this is a woolen saddle pad and doesn’t hurt your horse while riding for a longer period. Its intelligent design provides about 50% more airflow on the horseback and keeps your ride cool. In conclusion, Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad is an effective pad with a better look and capability.

Positive Highlights:

●    3 inches Smx H.D. Air Ride Core for superior comfort on both sides.
●    The eye-catchy woolen Navajo blanket will surely catch others’ attention.
●    It has about 12% more shock-absorbing ability than its previous models.
●    This saddle pad generates a “Lock Effect” that keeps you gripped on the saddle and provides superior comfort and control.

Critical Highlights:

●    It doesn’t feature any side pocket on the pad.
●    Woolen pads are not quite suitable for the rainy season.

Video Review: Professional’s SMx Air Ride Saddle Pads

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Ergon SMC4 Saddle Review

The SMC4 is one of Ergon’s topline saddle with an extended level of comfortability. If you do lots of cycling in the mountains, then the SMC4 is definitely for you. Learn more in this Ergon SMC4 Saddle review.

Ergon SMC4 Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Padding: Foam (gel options are also available)
  • Cover: Microfiber cover.
  • Saddle Rails: Chromoly rails.
  • Clamp ‏: ‎ Standard rail style.
  • Weight: 10.56 Ounces.

Ergon SMC4 is so far Ergon’s one of the most comfortable saddles in their mountain bike series. Its orthopedic foam padding ensures your full comfort over all those bad terrains. The cushioning is thick enough and your butt will never touch the shell.

Talking about the construction, the saddle has a rugged nylon composite shell and Chromoly rail. Together they enable the saddle to be more storage but flexible at the same time. It also features a full relief channel which is 9 mm in deep. It effectively keeps your genital area safe and numb-free.

Moreover, there are three different models (normal, sports, and comp) and two different sizes. You are welcome to choose the rightmost SMC4 for you. Overall, it mountain bike saddle is a great comfort and performance saddle with the support build quality.

Positive Highlights:

●    Performance saddle with an aerodynamic shape and great cushioning.
●    This saddle is enough wide and has even contact on the hip. Plus, it also offers a wider option.
●    The 9mm deep effectively gives enhanced protection to the sensitive areas.
●    It uses Ergon’s Y-Flex technology that makes the saddle wings more flexible and great for any terrain conditions.

Critical Highlights:

●    It doesn’t come with a mid-cut which might have made it more lighter.
●    Not in the “lightweight” section.

Video Review: Ergon SMC4 & Ergon SM comp Saddle

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Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle Review

Getting a perfect racing saddle is not always an easy task. Especially if you are looking for a performance saddle in a moderate price range. Luckily the PRO Falcon Ananatomic Fit Bicycle Saddle by Shimano is a great one that you can fully rely on for speed. Here, I am giving a brief Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle Review that might help you.

Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle Review: Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Structure: Flat shape.
  • Saddle Cover: PU cover.
  • User: Unisex.
  • Construction: carbon-reinforced polymer construction.
  • Padding ‏ : ‎ EVA padding.
  • Weight: 209 grams.

Shimano PRO Falcon Ananatomic Fit Bicycle Saddle is one of the popular performance saddles since 2009. From then, it improved a lot and now it has increased aerodynamic structure and become more comfortable than ever.

The best features of this saddle in my opinion are flexibility and lightweight. These are the core things for a racing saddle. Being a lightweight saddle provides you full control over your bike while in speed.

Also, it has a center cut which allows it to be even more flexible. Apparently, you can pedal as fast as you want without paining your thighs, hip, and back. This saddle also comes with EVA padding that provides optimal support and comfort to you.

Another mention-worthy thing is you can fit various accessories like the action camera mount and others on this saddle. Moreover, the appearance of this saddle is quite stylish and definitely will suit your bicycle.

Features I liked:

●    Aerodynamic and rider-friendly saddle structure that ensures both comfort and performance while riding.
●    It is a lightweight saddle and doesn’t unstable the balance and control of your bicycle.
●    This saddle lets you mount accessories without any third-party adapters.
●    Made from high quality but light materials like carbon composite. Plus, the construction is quite solid.

What I Don’t Like:

●    May become uncomfortable for some riders on a continuous whole day ride.
●    It may not be helpful for off-roading.

Video Review: Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle

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Henri de Rivel Saddles Plates Review

The Gullet Plates are the core of a horse saddle. These are the thing that spreads rider-weight evenly on the horseback and prevent putting pressure on the horse’s ribs and abdomen. The Henri de Rivel Adjustable Saddle Gullets Plates are a fabulous one that comfortability fits on most horses. Here is a brief Henri de Rivel Saddles Plates review to provide further info about it.

Henri De Rivel Saddles Plates Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Materials: Metal composite.
  • Color: Monochrome (differ size-wise).
  • Weight: About 8 ounces.
  • Applicability range: Fits most horses.

 Henri de Rivel Adjustable Saddle Gullets Plate is definitely a buy worthy product. First of all, this plate is solid-built with top-quality metals. It never needs maintenance and lasts much longer.

These adjustable saddle plates are really easy to fit on any horse. Apparently, each width size comes with a different color. You can conveniently detect which colored plate fits your horse perfectly. Moreover, these saddle plates will unquestionably suit any rider’s preference and prove unique comfort.

Moreover, these plates are super easy to fit or detach from saddles. You literarily can do it within a couple of minutes. At the last, if you are going for a gullet plate for the saddle, Henri de Rivel Adjustable Saddle Gullets Plates are the right one to choose.

What I Liked:

●    Quite lightweight and doesn’t significantly increase weights on horseback.
●    It not only prevents pressure on the horse but also distributes the rider’s weight quite evenly on the horseback.
●    These plates are relatively cheaper than many alternatives.
●    Really easy to replace or remove.

What I Don’t Like:

●    The paint quality might fail to satisfy you.
●    Prevent airflow on horseback.

Product Review Saddle Sports & Outdoors

SMP TRK Saddle Review

As a regular bicycle rider, I know how important it is to choose the rightmost saddle for a safe and relaxed ride. You probably also think in this way if you riding bicycles for some time. That is why Selle SMP TRK Gel Saddle is a saddle you might consider for better riding experiences. Here is a short SMP TRK Saddle Review for further information.

SMP TRK Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

BrandSelle SMP
Outer MaterialsAluminum
StyleGel Saddle
Saddle RailsSteel Rail
Dimensions10.24 X 6.89 X 2.56 Inches
SMP TRK Saddle

The first thing you will notice on SMP TRK Saddle is it’s extremely thick cushioning on the hip-contact area. This ensures your pelvis bones never touch the hard shell and you seat in comfort while cycling. Plus, it is a unisex saddle and designed in that way too. For both male and female riders, it remains pressureless in the private area. Apparently, you can be comfortable like a home couch on this saddle.

Selle is always well known for its durable saddles and user-friendly saddles. This one is not different as well. With Gel padding forms, it has more improved comfort. While riding, it doesn’t pressure you at any certain point and hurt you. Rater its clever engineering spreads rider weight evenly on the seat.

In my opinion, the Selle SMP TRK Gel Saddle Black is a great choice if you want a good combination of durability, comfort, and performance.

What I Like:

●    Comes with a large center cut. It makes the saddle more flexible and provides gentle airflow at the bottom.
●    It weighs ‎0.5 Kilograms. Meaning, it doesn’t distort the balance of the bicycle.
●    The gel padding form gives you extra comfort prevents the seat from overheating.
●    The steel rails are very durable and long-lasting.

What I Don’t Like:

●    Little heavy as a performance saddle.
●    May not be wide enough to provide full comfort to very big size riders.

FAQs: Selle SMP TRK Gel Saddle Black

What is the weight and width of this seat?

Answer: The manufacturer’s website does list all the Selle San Marco SMP saddles with weight specifications as well. The website from the manufacturer is a great resource.

How does it fasten to the seat post? Is it a standard mount?

Answer: Your seat post should have a clamp with screws to grasp the rails under the seat. The seat comes with rails. Can’t really say it’s standard but I was able to install it easily without any special parts.

What’s the difference between medium and large?

Answer: The sizing is actually M for men’s and L for Ladies. Not really Medium or Large from the research I have done on the seats.

How do I determine if I need the large or medium seat?

Hi, great question. The Medium seat is actually the Men’s saddle (Med=Men). The Large seat is for Ladies (Lg=Ladies). This is just the way SMP has designated the seats. There is not a large or medium for men. Just know that the Medium is for Men.
Thanks for looking,

Video Review: Selle SMP TRK Bicycle Saddle

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Fizik Pave CX Bike Saddle Review

Though there are hundreds of bike saddles available in the market, not all of them are fantastic. Some of them are misses the very core properties of being a saddle which is comfort. But this will not be the case for the Fizik Pave CX Wing Flex Road Bicycle Saddle. Here is a brief Fizik Pave CX Saddle Review to show you why.

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Fizik Pave CX Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Comfort: Flex saddle.
  • Saddle Rail: Fizik K:ium rail.
  • Weights: 1.25lbs.
  • Color: White.
  • Warranty‏: ‎ One-year manufacturer warranty.

 There are several reasons for which you should choose Fizik Pave CX Wing Flex Road Bicycle Saddle over others. I think the most common reason will be its insane level of comfort and durability. These are the things everyone should expect while purchasing a saddle.

The cushioning of the Fizik Pave CX Road Bicycle Saddle is thick and contains good-quality foam. I found it fluffy and soft as new even after using it for a while. Also, the frame shell is made out of carbon mixed material which is really durable. Apparently, it can stay strong at big hits and shocks.

Shocks are another thing that this incredible saddle can handle pretty well. You eventually can use this saddle while riding rough trails and terrains. It will give a comfortable riding experience and keep your back and hip pain-free at the end of the day.

Overall, the Fizik Pave CX Wing Flex Road Bicycle Saddle is a good quality saddle which mass riders can appreciate.

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What I Like:

●    It has flexible wings that allow you to pedal at any speed pleasantly.
●    Carbon-reinforced shell and K:ium rail gives with saddle longer service life.
●    Its excellent aerodynamic shape and longtime comfort makes it a perfect performance saddle,
●    UV and water resistant outer layer that keeps it as new forever.

What I Don’t Like:

●    There is no center cut on the saddle.
●    It weighs 1.25 pounds.

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