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Impact Gel Saddle Pad Review

As a horse rider, you must ensure your horse’s comfort while riding. Using only the ride saddle sometimes fails to provide enough comfort for the horse. Hotness, lack of air ventilation, itchiness, pain, etc. can discomfort your horse and results in rude behave. Apparently, this great quality saddle pad can emit these problems at once. Read this Impact Gel Contour Felt Saddle Pad review to know more about it.

Impact Gel Saddle Pad Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Brand: Impact Gel
  • Made: Handcrafted.
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Weight: 8lbs.
  • Color: Black.
  • Size: 32 inches. ‎
  • Padding: 1-inch pad.

Impact Gel Contour Felt Saddle Pad is fully handcrafted with the best quality materials. This saddle pad is designed to provide maximum comfort to both the rider and the horse. First of all, it has high shock-absorbing power. Apparently, it will reduce vibrations almost to zero and let you ride for a long time in relaxation.

It conveniently fits with your saddle. It is protected from slip and rollover from any horseback. Moreover, mounting this saddle pad is an effortless task. Eventually, anyone can do it in a minute. It is compatible with almost all kinds of terrain where your horse can stroll.

Its thick paddings provide your horse with great comfort. Besides. the rider will never feel back or hip pain while using it. Overall, the Impact Gel Saddle Pad will be a great choice among most alternatives.

Things I Liked:

●    It has one-inch thick padding with gel technology to ensure you and your horse have amusing riding experiences.
●    Its durable build materials with handcraft and stitches ensure long-lastingness for every single pad.
●    Conveniently suits with round or square-backed saddles.
●    Its unique wool blend makes sure your horse gets enough airflow on the back.

What I Don’t Like:

●    This saddle pad is relatively expensive.
●    Doesn’t feature any side pockets on it.

Unboxing and Review: Impact Gel Saddle Pad

FAQs: Impact Gel Contour Felt Saddle Pad

How do You Clean Impact Gel Saddle Pad?

Answer: Best pad I’ve used in years of serious trail riding. Let sweat and dirt dry. Use a stiff brush, even a swears raper (easy strokes only at stubborn parts) brush some more. Finish vacuuming?!
The best thing I’ve used over 30 years to keep my pads in great shape is an underpaid called “Dixie Midnight” it comes large and you cut it to the size you need.

Would this help if I don’t have the best-fitted saddle on my horse?

Answer: The pad can help with minor saddle fit inconsistencies as well as heat and weight distribution. However, if it’s a pretty significant fit issue (for example too narrow) the pad will help for a while but will eventually break down because of the pressure on the pad.

Video Guide: How to Clean an Impact Gel Saddle Pad

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