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Ergon smc3 Pro Comfort Saddle Review

How about a bicycle saddle that is both modernistic and comfy for all weather? Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddles provides the exact same features. If you are a rider who enjoys both long adventurous riding and track racing, then this saddle is highly recommended for you.

With its excellent build quality, you barely have any objection after riding for a whole day. This saddle is white which gives your bicycle a unique and eye-catchy look. In addition, it has all the expected features which you will know shortly in this Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle review.

Ergon smc3 Pro MTB Comfort Saddle Features

Good grip: This saddle provides good grip on the contact area no matter which type of pants/shorts you wear. It largely gives you confidence and control over your bicycle.

Lightweight: Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle is surprisingly light in weight (small- 220g, Medium- 230g, Large- 235g). You won’t feel any distortion in your controlling for this small amount of weight.

Performance Saddle: This saddle’s aerodynamic design completely suits the aerodynamics of your TT bike and helps to push your limits.

Saddle for The All-Weather Condition: Its sturdy design and comfortable cushioning are perfect for riding in any weather. 

Microfiber Cover: One of the best reasons to buy this saddle could be its microfiber Superlite/Alcantara cover that gives you more comfort while riding and increases its service life.

ergon smc3 pro MTB Comfort saddle

Pros and Cons About Ergon smc3 Pro Saddle


  • Despite being a white saddle, it barely looks dirty in long-term use.
  • Highly comfortable for both male and female riders.
  • Hollow TiNox rails with a Carbon Composite shell.
  • Effective sun protection.


Don’t have any center cut.

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