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Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad Review

Saddle pads are a great relief for horses. Especially if you ride your horses for a really long time uninterruptedly. The Professionals Choice Equine Smx Air-Ride Shilloh Saddle Pad is the one you can blindly trust in this situation. Plus, its great build quality will sure to satisfy you. Here is a simple Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad review.

Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad Reviews: An Overview  

Highlighted Features:

  • Outer layer: 100% woolen Navajo blanket top.
  • Build Process: Hand woven.
  • Padding: 3/4″ breathable padding.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 34 x 3 x 36 inches.
  • Weight: 5 Pounds.

I have tried several saddle pads on my horses. Only a couple of them were good enough to impress me. The Professionals Choice Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad is one of the fabulous ones with great effectiveness.

First of all, this saddle feels very rich on hand. Its densely woven blanket top ensures its longibility. The manufactures used an innovative Smx H.D. (Heavy Duty) Air Ride core for these saddle pads. Apparently, these cores are way more comfortable than their previous generation.

Moreover, this is a woolen saddle pad and doesn’t hurt your horse while riding for a longer period. Its intelligent design provides about 50% more airflow on the horseback and keeps your ride cool. In conclusion, Smx Air Ride Saddle Pad is an effective pad with a better look and capability.

Positive Highlights:

●    3 inches Smx H.D. Air Ride Core for superior comfort on both sides.
●    The eye-catchy woolen Navajo blanket will surely catch others’ attention.
●    It has about 12% more shock-absorbing ability than its previous models.
●    This saddle pad generates a “Lock Effect” that keeps you gripped on the saddle and provides superior comfort and control.

Critical Highlights:

●    It doesn’t feature any side pocket on the pad.
●    Woolen pads are not quite suitable for the rainy season.

Video Review: Professional’s SMx Air Ride Saddle Pads

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