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Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle Review

The Wittkop is in saddle manufacturing since the late 19th century. That’s why you can completely trust their Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddles for comfort and lastingness. Read this Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle Review patiently to know more.

Comfort and Adjusted to your needs

the innovative 5-zone-concept and the memory foam enable an ergonomic and comfortable seat for extensive, painless rides for men and women.


Wittkop Saddle Airflow

Your saddle is equipped with the special Wittkop Airflow System. It ensures an innovative ventilation, that helps your private parts to stay cool and dry.


Drops just drip off.
Due to additionally welded seams, your new saddle is a hundred percent waterproof.


The right for every type. The right saddle depends on your riding position and the width of your seat bone. Wittkop saddle offer a range of 5.4-8.5 inch.

Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Manufacturer: Wittkop.
  • Padding: Foam padding.
  • Foam: 5-zone memory foam.
  • Cover: welded seams fiber cover.

One of the most comfortable saddles around the market. After using it for a while, I find this Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle way comfortable than most other alternatives that come in this price range. You will instantly feel the comfort of this saddle as soon you seat on it.

Though I have used the MTB version, it also comes for the city and touring bikes too. All of them are made of similar materials and provide great room for comfort. While riding with this saddle, I don’t feel any pain in my thighs while pedaling. Its innovative 5-part construction provides a significant improvement in comfort.

The seat is fully waterproof and slides off the water drops instantly. Meaning, rain or sweat will never moist and damage the saddle. Overall, it is a perfect saddle if you seeking comfort for longer rides.

What I Liked:

●    It comes will a middle cut with an enhanced airflow system.
●    A fully waterproof saddle cover keeps it moist free and lets you ride in the rainy season worry-free.
●    Wittkop constructed this saddle with their 5-Zone Concept. It provides superior comfort and increases long-ride satisfaction without any pain.
●    The memory foams used in this saddle are of premium quality and remain soft forever.

What I Don’t Liked:

●    It is a relatively heavy saddle than other alternatives.
●    Extreme heat may spoil the seat in long run.

Wittkop bike saddle size guide

FAQs: Wittkop Mountain Bike Saddle

Will the Wittkop saddle fit the NordicTrack s22i?

Answer: This seat definitely DOES NOT fit my NordicTrack s22i – it’s definitely not built for the candle-type seat post, but after removing that assembly it does not fit the patent seat post either. It’s not surprising that NordicTrack would have an off-size seat assembly. I definitely don’t think it’s the seat manufacturer’s issue at all. Not sure how it fits the user above.

What is the difference between this bike seat (Wittkop) and the Velmia “Trekking” seat?

Answer: I’ve listed the measurements of the two seats below so that you can compare them and decide which one you like better.
Wittkop Trekking: Length = 10.83 in, Width = 6.69 in, Height = 3.46 in, Weight = 1.3 lb.
Velmia Trekking: Length = 10.6 in, Width = 7.4 in, Height = 4.2 in, Weight = 1.9 lb.

What is the spacing on the rails?

Answer: The spacing is the standard rail spacing, so the seat will fit on any standard bike post.

Do these saddles come with a warranty?

Answer: The warranty is for 2 years from the date of purchase. Enjoy the riding

Is Wittkop Saddle good for a Peloton bike?

Answer: Yes, the Wittkop bike seat will fit your Peloton bike.

Is it supposed to look sloped downward?

Answer: When properly mounted, the seat should be aligned straight, to ensure comfortable use! If you’re in doubt about the installation of your seat.

Video Review: Wittkop Medicus Air Bicycle Saddle

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