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TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver Review

The TRUGLO quivers are among the best on the market. The TRUGLO LOC Down quiver is one of the best creations of TRUGLO. With a very reasonable price and unbelievable lightweight design, this quiver is dominating the market for quite a long time now. I shared some vital facts that’s why one should buy this one in this quiver review.

TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver Details Review & Key Feature

Key Features:

  • Arrow capacity: ‎4 arrows.
  • Hand Orientation: Fits both handed arrows
  • Users: Unisex-Adult.
  • Dimensions: ‎18 x 8 x 3 inches.
  • Weight: ‎0.5 Pounds
  • Material ‏: ‎‎Blend.
TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver Feature

First of all, this great quiver from TRUGLO looks pretty attractive and the composite construction is very sturdy. It comes with very good color and weather coating. This eventually preserves the beauty of this quiver for a prolonged time. Secondly, it is much lighter and you won’t feel much pain holding the bow for a longer period.

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Moreover, the twisting lock system is straightforward and fluent with just one hand. It comes with a fine-quality flexible hood. Apparently, this hood supports both types of arrows. Plus, the hood is well rubberized inside. Eventually, this hood and the grips hold the arrows tightly.

Features I Liked:

●    It includes two fine-quality arrow grippers to keep the arrows frozen at their place.
●    The rubberized hood insert is great for reducing noises.
●    It features TWISTLOCK mounting which is both easy and quiet.
●   The TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver has a good paint quality that will preserve its fresh look for a long time.

What I Disliked:

●    It is a bit longer than some alternatives.

FAQs: TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver

Question: Will LOC Down fit a Barnett jackal crossbow?
Answer: The mounting for a compound bow may be different for a crossbow. TRUGLO mounts at the burger hole of a compound (right at the bow’s riser). If there is a bow shop near you, they might be able to tell you which quivers would work best with the Jackal.

Question: would TRUGLO LOC Down quiver fit my Martin XBlade 4 bow?
Answer: TRUGLO works on my Martin fine, I mounted it to my bow’s sight. LOC Down Quiver has a good snug fit when securing arrows too.

Question: Does the quiver fit a Barnett panzer v?
Answer: Yes, LOC Down Quiver does indeed. I myself do not have one but I have seen several with some variation of a Tru Glo quiver and all TruGlo quivers use the same mounting system.

Question: Does LOC Down fit on mission craze bow without disturbing sites?
Answer: I have a bear archery bow and as TRUGLO bolts to the sights there is no obstruction and don’t see a problem with LOC Down Quiver fitting another style it also comes with risers to push it out further.

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Video: Truglo Loc-Dwn 4 Arrow Quiver Review and Install