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Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle Review

Getting a perfect racing saddle is not always an easy task. Especially if you are looking for a performance saddle in a moderate price range. Luckily the PRO Falcon Ananatomic Fit Bicycle Saddle by Shimano is a great one that you can fully rely on for speed. Here, I am giving a brief Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle Review that might help you.

Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle Review: Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Structure: Flat shape.
  • Saddle Cover: PU cover.
  • User: Unisex.
  • Construction: carbon-reinforced polymer construction.
  • Padding ‏ : ‎ EVA padding.
  • Weight: 209 grams.

Shimano PRO Falcon Ananatomic Fit Bicycle Saddle is one of the popular performance saddles since 2009. From then, it improved a lot and now it has increased aerodynamic structure and become more comfortable than ever.

The best features of this saddle in my opinion are flexibility and lightweight. These are the core things for a racing saddle. Being a lightweight saddle provides you full control over your bike while in speed.

Also, it has a center cut which allows it to be even more flexible. Apparently, you can pedal as fast as you want without paining your thighs, hip, and back. This saddle also comes with EVA padding that provides optimal support and comfort to you.

Another mention-worthy thing is you can fit various accessories like the action camera mount and others on this saddle. Moreover, the appearance of this saddle is quite stylish and definitely will suit your bicycle.

Features I liked:

●    Aerodynamic and rider-friendly saddle structure that ensures both comfort and performance while riding.
●    It is a lightweight saddle and doesn’t unstable the balance and control of your bicycle.
●    This saddle lets you mount accessories without any third-party adapters.
●    Made from high quality but light materials like carbon composite. Plus, the construction is quite solid.

What I Don’t Like:

●    May become uncomfortable for some riders on a continuous whole day ride.
●    It may not be helpful for off-roading.

Video Review: Shimano Pro Falcon Saddle

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