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Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon men’s road bike saddle. As the name implies Ergon is focused on bike ergonomics and are really well known for their saddles and grips. They have a variety of saddles everything from road cycling, mountain biking to downhill as well as even commuting. Today we’re going to be looking at their top-of-the-line road cycling model the SR Pro Carbon. They also have this available in a women’s version as well as two lower-tier variations the pro and the comp. which have titanium rails and slightly heavier weight.

Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles is one of the lightest saddles you can find in the market. Its weight ranges between 180g to 205g according to the size. It is compatible with almost all bicycles and gives good comfort in longer rides. It gives almost no pain even if you do off-roading for hours after hours.

Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle had no center cut which sometimes causes air frictions and reduces speed. With its narrow design, you can fluently pedal at any speed without any obstacles. Let’s know some more facts about it on this Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle review.

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Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles Features

Perfect for Adventures: Not only for the tracks, but it is also perfect for a day-long bicycle tour on any road condition.

Sun and Rain Protection: You can ride your bicycle with this saddle on rainy or hot sunny days without any worry. Its protective layers will prevent any sun or water-caused damage.

Comfortable Sitting: Whether you are a male or female rider, you can sit on this saddle comfortably without putting pressure on your hip bones.

Large Contact Area: When you sit on Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles, your hip will have contact with all the suitable areas. Apparently, it will give you more grip on the saddle and increase your control over the bicycle.

Carbon Rails: The rails of this saddle are completely made of carbon. It significantly increases the durability of the saddle and makes it super lightweight.

Specification of Ergon SR3 Pro Saddle

  • 272*140 mm (S/M) – 153 mm (L)
  • Carbon Fiber Rails
  • Carbon Composite Sheel
  • Microfiber Cover
  • Topeak Quickclick Compatible

Ergon SR Pro Carbon Men’s Saddle Video Review

Pros and Cons About Ergon SR3 Pro Men’s Saddle


  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Good grip saddle.
  • Carbon frame.
  • Inexpensive than other carbon saddles.


You must choose the right size saddle to get top-level comfortableness.

How To Choose the Right Ergon Saddle Size

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