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Serfas RX Bike Saddle Review

Honestly, there are very few amounts of the saddle available in the market that is truly comfortable and durable with a cheap price tag. This bike saddle is so far Serfas’ popular line and guarantees full comfort. Even you are on a day-long adventure tour with your bicycle, you will be “at home” till the last hour of your trip.  

Serfas RX Saddle Review: At a Glance

Highlighted features:

  • Brand: Serfas
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Item Weight: ‎0.5 Kilograms
  • Comfort: Very thick padding.
  • Pad Type: Four-layer closed-cell foams with waterproof Padding.
  • Gel Pad: Yes.
  • Color: Unset.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 267mm X 171mm.

Serfas RX Saddle will be a strong recommendation if you are keeping comfort over everything. This incredibly thick cushioned saddle is a little raised at the end to remove pressure from the private area. Although it has a front nose for ensuring riding stability.

Moreover, this saddle has full-cut middle. Meaning it effectively maximizes blood flow through the neurovascular bundle and reduced numbness. Moreover, this cut ensures good airflow in the bottom. Apparently, you will have a sweat-free cool seating area.

Serfas RX Saddle is wider than most saddles for comfort. But its incredible design and flexibility ensure its unparallel performance. Eventually, it is not much below performer saddle. One of the major reasons is its extra weight which is around 500g.

Features I Liked Most:

● The entire middle section cut gives it supreme flexibility and is perfect for extreme pedaling.

● The gel and 4 layers of closed-cell cushioning make this saddle absolutely comfortable and breathable as well.

● The outer layer of the seat is completely water and UV-resistant.

● Its dual-density base ensures your hip bone will never feel any hardness.

The Drawbacks:

● This saddle is undoubtedly a heavy one and may affect one balance of the bicycle.

● The full middle-cut design may not excite some people.

FAQs of Serfas RX Bike Saddle

Does this seat require the purchase of a seat clamp?

Answer: Serfas RX installed the seat as a replacement on any Specialized mountain bike and it required no additional hardware.

Would this be comfortable for a 6’1″ 250 lb.?

Answer: I am 5′ 9″ and go 195lbs and find the saddle very comfortable and have purchased it for both of my bikes and one for my wife’s road bike. I ride about 2000 m annually. Hope this helps.

What is the difference between the 921L and 921V?

Answer: The L is licra. a spandex type cover. The V is vinyl more weather resistant. I have both and like the L better.

Is this comfortable for multiple riding positions?

Answer: Yes, it is very comfortable in any position. I have never gotten saddle sore from this bike seat…hope that helps

Does Serfas RX saddle contain gel?

Answer: No gel in this saddle.

Video Review: Serfas RX-921V Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle

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