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Diamond Wool Saddle Pad Review

Horse riding is really a pack of joy. But the amusement and comfort mostly depend on how you are topping the horseback. Apart from a nice horse saddle, a saddle pad could be a worthy treatment for both your horse and you. Especially if they are made of top-quality wool. The Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad is a great woolen saddle pad that I highly prefer. Learn more about it from this Diamond Wool Saddle Pad Review.

Diamond Wool Saddle Pad Review

Highlighted Features:

  • Brand: Diamond Wool
  • Made: Handcrafted.
  • Materials: Wool Felt.
  • Weight: ‎2.22 Kilograms
  • Size: 30×30
  • Made-in: USA.

Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad is one of the popular woolen saddle pads in a moderate-piece range. This awesome pad suits most of the saddles and provides supreme comfort all day long. Thanks to its woolen padding, it remains totally comfortable and painless for the horse.

Moreover, each of these saddle pads is entirely handcrafted. Meaning, it has fewer possibilities of having defects and also will last much longer than machine-made alternatives. Therefore, I really recommend you to try Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad.

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What I liked:

●    This handcrafted saddle pad gives you full assurance of good quality and construction.
●    Its wool contour felt padding is quite a good shock absorber and emits small vibrations conveniently.
●    Useable on most horses and really to mount.
●    This woolen saddle pad is really great for horses in cold weather.

What I Disliked:

●    May be uncomfortable for the horse in extremely hot weather.
●    It doesn’t feature any side pockets.

FAQs: Diamond Wool Saddle Pad

Is Diamond Wool Pad Flexible?

Answer: Yes, this is an awesome pad. This pad’s flexible it adapts to the horse’s body really well. It’s not like a blanket in that it is fairly stiff but it is an excellent pad.

Is this pad 32×32?

Answer: Yes- it fit my extremely long-backed saddlebred. She’s so long she doesn’t even fit in a standard trailer!

What is the thickness of this pad?

Answer: This one is the 1″ , they also come in a 1/2″. Hope that helps

Does this saddle pad slip back or slide?

Answer: This pad does slip. And felt or compressed wool will slip side to side. It does slide back. I use a mohair cinch and a flank cinch that I actually buckle down to contact my horse and it is very easy to slide left and right and slips back even with my pulling collar on.

What color is this?

Answer: Mine was like a charcoal gray with the brown leather pads

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