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Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle Review

If you are thinking of using a classic-looking bike saddle with modern features, then nothing can be better than the Brooks England Swift Bicycle Saddle. Here is an honest Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle Review for further understanding.

Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Brooks.
  • Rails: Chrome.
  • User: Male riders.
  • Cover: Leather
  • Weight: 400g (approx.).

If you are talking about a classic saddle, this one is a masterpiece. The manufacture, Brooks Saddles really knows how to preserve classiness. This saddle will give you a special feeling as you sit on it. The shape is redesigned to improve aerodynamics and comfort.

The saddle is not an extremely comfortable one nor gives superior performance. But it definitely gives you a classic vibe. The only area I find this saddle suitable is for the road trip and relaxation rides. This saddle is around 152mm wide and provides enough room for seating comfortably. The sturdy construction of this saddle can fluently face any shock or minor hits.

A great thing about this saddle is its high-quality leather that is shaped for more comfortable rides. The best part is, this leather becomes more comfortable as they get older. Overall, the Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle is the best classic saddle in the market so far.

What I Liked:

●    The appearance of this seat will definitely give you a good impression among other riders.
●    This saddle is quite comfortable and possible to go on a day-long trip with it.
●    It weighs lesser than the other classic saddles on the market.
●    Besides this chrome rail version, the Brooks England Swift Bicycle Saddle is also available in sleek titanium rails.

What I Don’t Like:

●    Though it has relatively better aerodynamics, it is not a performance saddle.
●    Since there is no thick padding, it is not a good shock-absorber.

FAQs: Brooks Swift Chrome Saddle

Is Proofide and tensioning key included?

Answer: I think it varies – I purchased the Swift Titanium and I did get Proofide. The tensioning key was also there, I believe – I say it like that because it is not the typical Brooks wrench, it is just an Allen wrench for this seat. The Proofide I got was a small tin, not the normal size you would get if you purchased it separately.

What is the difference between the Swift and the Brooks Team Pro?

Answer: The two are actually very similar, with the Swift being a little narrower than the Team Pro. If you have narrow sit bones you can use the Swift; if you have wider ones you will probably better fit the Team Pro. Expect either to have a break-in period before they are comfortable for longer (60+) mile rides. The leather is initially quite rigid on both and wants repeated applications of Proofide to help it break in and waterproof it. I followed the Brooks recommendations and it has taken over 1500 miles (I weigh 150 lb) to break a Swift in. A friend broke in her B17 by putting it into a shop vise and pounding it with a rubber hammer.

Video Review: Brooks England Swift Chrome Saddle

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