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Henri de Rivel Saddles Plates Review

The Gullet Plates are the core of a horse saddle. These are the thing that spreads rider-weight evenly on the horseback and prevent putting pressure on the horse’s ribs and abdomen. The Henri de Rivel Adjustable Saddle Gullets Plates are a fabulous one that comfortability fits on most horses. Here is a brief Henri de Rivel Saddles Plates review to provide further info about it.

Henri De Rivel Saddles Plates Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features:

  • Materials: Metal composite.
  • Color: Monochrome (differ size-wise).
  • Weight: About 8 ounces.
  • Applicability range: Fits most horses.

 Henri de Rivel Adjustable Saddle Gullets Plate is definitely a buy worthy product. First of all, this plate is solid-built with top-quality metals. It never needs maintenance and lasts much longer.

These adjustable saddle plates are really easy to fit on any horse. Apparently, each width size comes with a different color. You can conveniently detect which colored plate fits your horse perfectly. Moreover, these saddle plates will unquestionably suit any rider’s preference and prove unique comfort.

Moreover, these plates are super easy to fit or detach from saddles. You literarily can do it within a couple of minutes. At the last, if you are going for a gullet plate for the saddle, Henri de Rivel Adjustable Saddle Gullets Plates are the right one to choose.

What I Liked:

●    Quite lightweight and doesn’t significantly increase weights on horseback.
●    It not only prevents pressure on the horse but also distributes the rider’s weight quite evenly on the horseback.
●    These plates are relatively cheaper than many alternatives.
●    Really easy to replace or remove.

What I Don’t Like:

●    The paint quality might fail to satisfy you.
●    Prevent airflow on horseback.