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Terry Fly Ti Saddle Review

Terry Fly Ti Saddle is so far one of the best performance saddles for men. This is a good option if you are looking for an easy-to-ride saddle for speed ridings like racing. With this incredible bicycle saddle, you can pedal at speed without feeling any restrictions. This saddle is designed for speeding and is great for stand-pedaling and seating.

A mention-worthy thing in this Terry Fly Ti Saddle Review is its stylish seat design. Its hexagon-shaped design gives it’s an eye-catchy feel modern look that easily goes with any bicycle. Plus, it is a lightweight saddle that doesn’t impact the balance of the bicycle much. Keep reading to learn from this Terry Butterfly Ti Saddle review.

Features of Terry Men’s Fly Ti Bicycle Saddle

Flexible Wings: The wings of this saddle are really flexible and fluently flex with the pedaling movement.

Very Comfortable Performance Saddle: The cushioning of the seat is soft and thick padded. Apparently, it is more padded than euro-style racing saddles;

Perfect Saddle Size: Though it comes in different sizes for different persons, all of them are equally comfortable for riding. Just make sure you don’t get the wrong sized one.

Aerodynamic Shape: Since it is a performance saddle, it is designed to cut through the air and reduce energy waste.

Good Materials: The rail is made out of Ti-316- great stainless steel with great durability. The upper layers are made of leather and thick quality foam.

Mid-Section Cut: It has a full-cut middle section. Eventually, it makes the saddle much more flexible and provides pleasant airflow to the bottom.

Terry Fly Ti Saddle

Specification of Terry Ti Saddle

Dimensions LxWxH12.5 x 6 x 2 inches
Outer MaterialFoam
Weight240 g

FAQs of Terry Ti Bikes Saddle

Is this saddle feasible for Mountain Biking?

Answer: Yes, have used the same model for Mtb and also for the road for many years. Works fine, is lighter weight than most yet about as comfortable as any. I usually ride only elite or pro-quality equipment, but this rather reasonably priced item works. Holds up well. I don’t recall ever breaking one but have had other saddles break (the shell where the rails anchor).

Is the textured leather intended to limit slip?

Answer: Yes, I believe the texture is designed to limit slip

Pros and Cons About Terry Ti Bikes Men’s Saddle


  • Usable at any temperature.
  • Keeps the sensitive areas safe.
  • It provides good grip which results in great control over the bicycle.
  • Offers painless long rides.


  • The lather-made areas can be damaged due to extreme heat, rain, or cold.

Video Review: Terry Fly Ti Bicycle Saddle

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