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Tough 1 Saddle Cover Review

Undoubtedly this is the horse saddle cover you are looking for. Tough 1 Heavy Denier Nylon Saddle Cover in an incredible one with big space inside. It easily protects your saddle from dust, dirt, and all weather-based damages. Its thick material also saves your saddle from minor scratches.

The best thing is, this saddle cover is available for all types of saddles. Every single cover perfectly fits and is also super easy to cover and open. Apparently, the simple elastic straps system makes everything much easier for all. Here is a short Tough 1 Saddle Cover Review.

Will this help keep a saddle dry?

Answer: Yes. There was actually a water leak in the tack room just above where I keep my saddle & when I checked it, all was dry.

will this help protect saddle from mold?

Answer: I don’t think it will help with mold. If moisture gets under it, it may be trapped and cause mold. I use this saddle cover in my trailer to keep the dust off.

are these covers waterproof to be out in rain at rodeo?

Answer: NO.

are these covers waterproof to be out in rain at rodeo?

Answer: It’s water-resistant, not waterproof.

Does this cover big horn saddles?

Answer: I have one of these on a women’s Big Horn barrel saddle and am pleased with it.

Features of Tough 1 Saddle Cover

Here are some of the mind-blowing features of the cover.

Heavy-Duty Nylon Covers: This saddle cover is made of thick nylon compounds making it durable as a cover. Apparently, it will last longer than most other saddle covers on the market.

Lots of Color Variations: It comes with several color variations and you can choose whichever you like. Plus, you can also ask for a custom one.

Much Cheaper: This saddle cost less than most other covers you can find in the market.

UV and Rain Protection:  It effectively protects your saddle from UV lights and water damage in all situations.

Compacted Size While Storing: You can fold this cover to a very small size which allows you to store it anywhere. Eventually, it is also great for carrying.

Pros and Cons About Tough 1 Saddle Cover


  • Lots of colors and design variations.
  • Available for all types of saddles.
  • UV and rain protection for leather saddles.
  • Relatively cheaper option.


  • It is not a fully enclosed cover.

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