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Derby Originals Saddle Review

Looking for more comfort while riding? Then try the Derby Originals Premium English Saddle Pads. Although it is a purpose saddle pad, it is the best for trails. This is probably the best gift that you can present to your horse. Its thick and soft padding gives your horse extra room for comfort while riding.

Moreover, these pads are great for learners. Its extra layer of padding allows newbies to learn horse riding without harming the horse. Its diamond-quilted cotton is much durable compare to any other alternatives. You can learn more from this Derby Originals Saddle Pad review below.

Features of Derby Originals Saddle

Here are some of the mind-blowing features of these saddle pads.

All-Day Comfort: Its quality materials will prevent your horse from feeling itchiness, rub-irritation, or having sore spots. In addition, the breathable padding will make sure your horse has enough airflow on its back on a day-long ride.

Bigger Side Pockets: This amusing saddle pad comes with 8x8x1.5” pockets on both sides. Apparently, you can keep small necessary items or snacks in them.

Lots of Color Variations: You will find lots of different color variations for it. You can choose the best one that suits your horse and the saddle.

Slippage Free:  Its unique countered half fleece design reduces the chance of slippage near zero.

Compatible with Common Saddles: This saddle pad comes in two different styles. These comfortably fit almost all all-purpose, jumping, and close-contact saddles.

Girth Loops: This pad features girth loops to prevent it from tilting sidewards.

Derby Originals Saddle Pads

FAQs of Derby Originals Premium Half Fleece Saddle Pad

Do you need a half pad as well? Or is this pad enough by itself?

Answer: This pad has worked well for me & a friend of mine without a half pad. It has some fleece on the bottom of it. We use them all the time.

is Derby Originals Saddle a contour pad?

Answer: It is an English saddle square pad, but with something different. There is a layer of fleece under neath that adds to the comfort of the horse. The front is a little higher. I use it with my dressage saddle when I go back trail riding. A western saddle will not fit because of the pockets.

Is this real natural fleece, or is it synthetic?

Answer: Derby Premium Saddle Pad is Synthetic.

What are the washing instructions?

Answer: We recommend to hand wash these with cold water and air dry

What is the Derby Saddle pad dimensions? length over back and length from back to the bottom by cinch buckle

Answer: I took two measurements. There is a stitched center piece going from the front (near withers) to the back.This distance is 24 1/2 inches. (This would be along the same line as the backbone of the horse.) Secondly, from the center of the pad to the bottom of the pad is 20 inches. To clarify, this measurement is with the saddle pad folded like the picture, not opened up. I think it is a generous pad, plenty big for my dressage saddle. The pockets would be in the way of a western saddle.

Will this pad work for an Aussie saddle?

Answer: We recommend the “Derby Originals Dressage / Australian Saddle Pad with Pockets and Half Fleece Lining” instead of this all-purpose pad as the drop length on the dressage style pad will be longer to accommodate an Australian saddle, but we strongly recommend to compare the measurements of your saddle, to the measurements provided on the listing to ensure the correct fit.

Pros About Derby Originals Saddle Pads

  • Velcro flap pockets.
  • Compatible with horses of any size.
  • Looks very stylish on the horse.
  • Low maintenance saddle pads.

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