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Terry Butterfly Bike Saddle Review

Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Bike Saddle is one of the famous products of Terry.  It is a performance saddle for women but is suitable for any type of road and terrain. Only keep in mind that it gives the best performance with road and mountain bicycles. Its innovative design is all about comfort and aerodynamics.

Moreover, the manufacturers designed it keeping sensitive body parts in mind. So that a woman rider never feels discomforts or pain while riding on it. The best part is, its black leather with butterfly design gives your bike a complete and esthetic look. Here is more from this Terry Butterfly Saddle review.

Features Of Terry Butterfly Saddle

Here are some great features of Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Bike Saddle.

Comfortable & Pain-Free: It is engendered in a way that a female rider may comfortably ride it with riding style and posture.

Effective Padding: This amusing saddle offers multi-density injection molded foam and gel padding to ensure your satisfactory bicycling. Plus, the paddings are stiffer in the rear to reduce energy loss while pedaling.

Middle Cut: Just like many performance saddles, Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Bike Saddle also has a middle cut. The difference is, its cut is longer, wider, and certainly more operational.

Waterproof Saddle: Although the cushioning materials are breathable, this saddle is totally protected from rain and moister.

Great for Off-Roading: Its good grip and great room for pedaling make it a suitable choice if you often go on countryside trails or hill tracks.

Last Much Longer: Compared to other alternatives that have a similar price tag, this saddle has a longer service life.

Specification of Terry Butterfly Ti Saddle

Dimensions LxWxH13.27 x 5.98 x 2.99 inches
Outer MaterialFoam, Gel
Pad TypeGel Pad
Bike TypeRoad Bike, Mountain Bike
Weight255g/9.0 oz

Pros and Cons About Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Bike Saddle


  • Long ridings won’t give you back, hip, or thigh pain.
  • Comes with a manufacturer guarantee.
  • Flexible wings.
  • Gel layered saddle.


May feel a little overpriced.

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