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Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Saddle Review

Selle Royal is widely known for their hand-made bicycle saddles and Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Saddles are their topline ones. Their incredible hand-crafted saddles are one of the most comfortable saddles in the entire world. The best part is, the seat never gets hard and remains comfortable as the first day.

These saddles are specially designed to keep the sensitive part of men for comfortable long rides. Besides, this saddle is relatively wider that gives enough contact area for your hip bones. Apparently, it increases with comfort while riding and you won’t get back pain at the end of the day. Here is more from this Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Saddle review.

Features of Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Saddle

Here are some of the features that you might appreciate.

Durable Structure: Its Manganese galvanized rail and Vinyl make it a much durable and long-lasting saddle. Apparently, these saddles are made in Italy with hands that make them even more sturdy.

Varieties for Riders: It is offered in three different shaped saddles for different types of ridings.

Scratch-Proof Outer Layer: The outer layer of this saddle features integrated scuff guards that prevent it from getting strictures from minor hits, falling, or accidents.

Cooling Materials: It features a Xenium cover with gel underneath that actively protects it from UV light and keeps the saddle cool in the hot sun.

Great Air Ventilation at The Bottom: It includes an “Air Ventilation Channel” that significantly increases air circulation on the saddle surface and reduces sweat generating.

Specification of Royal Respiro Athletic Saddle

BrandSelle Royal
ColorDark Grey
Dimensions LxWxH14 x 9 x 3 inches
Outer MaterialVinyl, Gel
Weight360 grams

Pros and Cons About Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Cool Xsenium Bicycle Saddle


  • Lighter Manganese rail.
  • Water-resistant cover.
  • Flexible wings.
  • Suitable for any weather ride.


  • Heavier than some alternative saddles.

FAQs of Selle Royal Athletic Saddle

Does this saddle have the Selle Royal ICS clip system in the back?

Answer: Yes it does. I have the detachable container too. This is just another good reason to get it. I got the Respiro Athletic for my 22 mile roundtrip commute. I have been known to get to work, on time, in the rain. This saddle was designed and built with that in mind. This is a rider’s saddle. It’s not a racer’s saddle.

Is this comfortable or as comfortable as the Respiro Moderate model?

Answer: The saddle was very comfortable for me from a cushion perspective. The one caution I would make is regarding the width of the nose. I recall the width being a little more than others and it created some very minor discomfort in the inner thigh region while pedaling.

Video Review: Selle Royal Respiro Relaxed Unisex saddle

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