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Terry Cite X Gel Saddle Review

The Terry Cite X Gel Saddle has come out for the occasional rider who rides half a day or less, rides almost vertically with a lot of weight on the saddle. It prefers a seat close to the cushion and reduces back pain. The heavy-duty, full one-piece upper with a large cut is guaranteed to go and get lost in all the right places. Want to know more? Let’s read our full terry cite x gel saddle review and guide. 

Terry Cite X Gel Saddle Review

Highlighted features

  • Brand: Terry
  • Outer Material: Foam, Vinyl
  • Seat: Shock-Absorbing and comfortable seat
  • Cover material: Durable synthetic vinyl
  • Construction material: Steel 
  • Installation: Easy and hassle-free
  • Appearance: Screen-printed graphic at the rear 

Terry has created a revolutionary succor saddle with a seamless mid and back contour to reduce pressure on your soft tissues. The center cut’s width, length, and position have been optimized for female and male anatomy and riding style differences. 

The foam’s density varies, and each seat’s profile is well adjusted and more stable at the back to support the bones of the seat—softer front for relief. Nicely set thin gel insertions give you extra smoothness. 

The vibration-absorbing elastomers in the seat base create a spring effect without mechanical devices. Also, they help eliminate surface or road vibrations that are usually transmitted directly to the spine. Durable plastic vinyl is simple to manage and will be new for years to come.

What I like:

  • A full incision in the nose and abdomen relieves pressure. 
  • The molded foam provides excellent support for the sit bones and reduces stress on soft tissue. 
  • The durable synthetic vinyl is straightforward to maintain. 
  • If you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days.

What I don’t like:

  • It’s pretty rocky for people who are overweight. 
  • This saddle is too much upward for some people that brings about pain.


can you tell me the measurement of where the sit bones would be on this saddle?

This is also a 175mm width, so deduct 20mm for an approximation of what would work for sit bone measurement. In this case 155mm.

Is this the same as the Cite X Gel, with the flower pattern on the side, but with different graphics?

It is the same shape and size, but it does not have the additional gel component.

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