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ISM PR 2.0 Saddle Review

For riding on a mountain and off-road trail, you will expect a more comfortable and lightweight saddle. ISM PR 2.0 Saddle is a nose-less saddle that ensures comfort and pain-free adventures for every rider.  Read this entire ISM PR 2.0 Saddle review to know everything about this magnificent saddle.

ISM PR 2.0 bike Saddle Review: A Summary

Highlighted features:

  • Brand: ISM
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Comfort: Nose-less saddle
  • Padding: Foam and Gel.
  • Rails: Choromonoly.
  • Stylish: Innovative design.
  • Dimensions: ‎ 10.83 x 5.04 x 2.6 inches.
  • Warranty: One-year warranty from the manufacturer

ISM PR 2.0 bike saddle offers incredibly flexible saddle wings. You can ride at any speed without facing problems with your thighs. The saddle has a sloped design that keeps you comfortable and maximizes the blood flow.

Moreover, thanks to its middle cut that provides more flexibility. It also ensures good airflow from below for relaxed long ridings. This cut also prevents genital pain or irritations.  ISM PR 2.0 is enough wide and any big-size person can sit on it with good comfort.

Plus, this saddle is relatively durable and lasts for longer. It stays strong even with extreme abuse. 

Features I Liked Most:

● The seat features gel cushioning that is great for comfort and keeping the seat cool.

● I think its 30-series foam is enough thick and soft for long time comforts.

● It has a unisex frame and is actually comfortable for riders of both genders.

● The end-slope gives the rider enough room to ride with full control on extreme terrains.    

The Drawbacks:

● This saddle is on the expensive side considering its features.

● The look may disappoint some riders.

ISM PR 2.0 Saddle

FAQs of ISM PR 2.0 Saddle

Is this good for mountain biking?

Answer: I’m not sure. I use it on my road bike with aero bars. However, ISM does make a mountain bike compatible saddle. Visit their website for the model.

Is ISM PR 2.0 for men saddle?

Answer: ISM website does not state the gender on any of that group of saddles. Plus, the photo they show has both a man and a woman on their own saddles. The 140mm width may be the key since the distance between sit bones is what separates the genders. Looks like its for both sexes.

Video Review: ISM PR 2.0 Saddle

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