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Terry Butterfly Century Saddle Review

A saddle is an essential component of a bicycle. It is the only part you sit on and a necessary part of any bike, be it road or mountain. Terry Butterfly Century Saddle is the ultimate upgrade to any bike. Take a look at our Terry Butterfly Century Saddle Review to see what it has to offer.

Terry Butterfly Century Saddle Review: An Overview

Highlighted Features: 

Dimensions LxWxH12 x 5.75 x 3.25 inches
CoverFibra-Tek with Poron XRD shock-absorbing Layer
Sport TypeCycling
Outer MaterialFoam
Pad TypeGel Pad

Terry Bicycles provide stylish bicycles, gear, footwear, and more for women. They are 100% committed to ensuring that women can ride safely and comfortably.

This saddle features a coating of Poron XRD shockproof padding within the base of the saddle and padding. 

Foam cutouts contribute to improved soft tissue comfort, and gel-infused material on top of the cushion enhances long-term relief. 

In addition, the contoured foam reduces pressure on sensitive areas for an even more comfortable ride. 

The saddle is made in Italy and comes in black color.

Terry Butterfly Century Bike Saddle

What I like:

  • Beautiful ergonomics with aerodynamic design for superior performance.
  • The saddle features a coating of Poron XRD shockproof padding within the base of the saddle and padding.
  • Made of seamless black Fibra-Tek, so it’ll look great on any bike.
  • It features a gel-infused material that enhances long-term relief.
  • Offers good support for the sit bones.

What I don’t like:

  • Improper fittings may cause bruised thigh areas.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • May not be suitable for everyone.

Does Terry Butterfly Century Saddle fit the Peloton?

I’d look at the saddle that comes with your Peloton. If it has two rails about 1 3/4″ apart you should be fine. I have this saddle on two bikes, one made in 1991, the other in 2020. No problems, it’s been a standard for a long time.

Enjoy! It is considered by some pros I rode with as the best seat for women cyclists. That said, after a few hours of riding, I do find I have to stand up from time to time as my sit bones start to get sore, even with the extra padding. But most people will never ride that long.

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