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Tough 1 Saddle Reviews

How about an extra seat on your horseback? With Tough 1 Ride, you can get the most comfortable second saddle for western saddles. This incredibly strong and versatile saddle will fit with almost all average and big horses. It is mountable with all western type saddles. The mounting process is also easy and hassle-free. Apparently, it doesn’t mount with the horse, rather it mounts with the front saddle.

A great thing about this saddle is that it is relatively cheaper than other alternatives. You can also keep eye on online shops for exclusive offers. Here is a brief Tough 1 Saddle review for further details.

Features of Tough 1 Saddle

Durable: It is made from durable materials and finishing has been done with nylon leathers. This high-quality manufacturing ensures its long-lastingness.

Portability: This incredible tandem saddle is effortless to carry. It is lightweight and easily fits in bags. 

Shock-Absorbing Foam: The foams used in this saddle are specially made for absorbing socks and give comfort in all terrains.

Belding Colors: This incredible back saddle is available in two different colors and that’s blends well with your horse giving a stunning look to the whole saddle setup.

Anti-Slide Saddle: This saddle has a good grip and prevents riders from sliding sidewards. Eventually, you can ride with your kids worry-free.

What is the weight limit on this? Can it be used by a small adult?

It’s not sure. My 70 lb. nine-year-old rode in it, but not for a long ride.

Is there a way this could be used on an English saddle as well?

You would need rings to clip the buddy saddle to your English saddle. I don’t think it would work as well. You would need d-rings on your English saddle.

Can someone post up instructions on how to attach it to a western saddle?

We attach ours to the billet straps or ring for front cinch. Then tighten it on both sides. The saddle itself butts up to the cantle.

Pros and Cons About Tough 1 Ride Western Saddle


  • Comfortable saddle for horse and rider.
  • Easy to mount and release.
  • Relatively cheaper.
  • High-quality materials.


  • Rains may be a problem for this saddle.

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