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Fabric Magic Elite Radius Saddle Review

If you are looking for a suitable saddle for your mountain bicycle, then you should try Fabric Magic Elite Team Saddle. Here is a brief Fabric Magic Elite Radius review.

The very first thing that will amaze you is its incredibly eye-catchy design. Though it is available in two different colors (Rasta & Black), the “Rasta” has a more eye-catchy appearance. It has an incredibly strong frame that can last for a very long time. Minor hits won’t damage the saddle. Again, this saddle is hassle-free to mount on the bike.  

Features of Fabric Magic Elite Radius Saddle

Fully cushioned seat: Unlike many other mountain bike saddles, its entire seating area is cushioned with foam instead of two hip bone areas.

Good Grip: The one thing you need on any mountain bike saddle is a good grip. Fabric Magic Elite Team Saddle provides a good grip with your hip and gives superior control over your bicycle.

Compatible for All Weather: Whether it is a hot summer day, freezing colds, or heavy rain, the performance of this saddle never decreases.

Radius Profile for Upright Sitting: It comes with a Radius-type design that gives you an upright and relaxed posture for pain-free and comfortable riding on mountains.

Quality Materials: The saddle is made of Faux Leather, microfiber, and a flexible base that provides comfort on long or rough ridings.

Specification of Fabric Magic Elite Radius Team Saddle

ColorRasta & Black
Item Dimensions14.03 x 7.43 x 2.75 inches
MaterialFaux Leather
Saddle Measures255x142mm

Pros and Cons About Fabric Magic Elite Radius


  • It has a buzz channel for extra tire clearance.
  • Three-part construction.
  • softer foam for unique comfort.
  • waterproof microfiber outer layer.


  • No carbon frame has been used in this saddle.

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Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon men’s road bike saddle. As the name implies Ergon is focused on bike ergonomics and are really well known for their saddles and grips. They have a variety of saddles everything from road cycling, mountain biking to downhill as well as even commuting. Today we’re going to be looking at their top-of-the-line road cycling model the SR Pro Carbon. They also have this available in a women’s version as well as two lower-tier variations the pro and the comp. which have titanium rails and slightly heavier weight.

Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles is one of the lightest saddles you can find in the market. Its weight ranges between 180g to 205g according to the size. It is compatible with almost all bicycles and gives good comfort in longer rides. It gives almost no pain even if you do off-roading for hours after hours.

Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle had no center cut which sometimes causes air frictions and reduces speed. With its narrow design, you can fluently pedal at any speed without any obstacles. Let’s know some more facts about it on this Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle review.

See Ergon smc3 Saddle Review:

Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles Features

Perfect for Adventures: Not only for the tracks, but it is also perfect for a day-long bicycle tour on any road condition.

Sun and Rain Protection: You can ride your bicycle with this saddle on rainy or hot sunny days without any worry. Its protective layers will prevent any sun or water-caused damage.

Comfortable Sitting: Whether you are a male or female rider, you can sit on this saddle comfortably without putting pressure on your hip bones.

Large Contact Area: When you sit on Ergon SR3 Pro Carbon Saddles, your hip will have contact with all the suitable areas. Apparently, it will give you more grip on the saddle and increase your control over the bicycle.

Carbon Rails: The rails of this saddle are completely made of carbon. It significantly increases the durability of the saddle and makes it super lightweight.

Specification of Ergon SR3 Pro Saddle

  • 272*140 mm (S/M) – 153 mm (L)
  • Carbon Fiber Rails
  • Carbon Composite Sheel
  • Microfiber Cover
  • Topeak Quickclick Compatible

Ergon SR Pro Carbon Men’s Saddle Video Review

Pros and Cons About Ergon SR3 Pro Men’s Saddle


  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Good grip saddle.
  • Carbon frame.
  • Inexpensive than other carbon saddles.


You must choose the right size saddle to get top-level comfortableness.

How To Choose the Right Ergon Saddle Size

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Ergon smc3 Pro Comfort Saddle Review

How about a bicycle saddle that is both modernistic and comfy for all weather? Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddles provides the exact same features. If you are a rider who enjoys both long adventurous riding and track racing, then this saddle is highly recommended for you.

With its excellent build quality, you barely have any objection after riding for a whole day. This saddle is white which gives your bicycle a unique and eye-catchy look. In addition, it has all the expected features which you will know shortly in this Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle review.

Ergon smc3 Pro MTB Comfort Saddle Features

Good grip: This saddle provides good grip on the contact area no matter which type of pants/shorts you wear. It largely gives you confidence and control over your bicycle.

Lightweight: Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle is surprisingly light in weight (small- 220g, Medium- 230g, Large- 235g). You won’t feel any distortion in your controlling for this small amount of weight.

Performance Saddle: This saddle’s aerodynamic design completely suits the aerodynamics of your TT bike and helps to push your limits.

Saddle for The All-Weather Condition: Its sturdy design and comfortable cushioning are perfect for riding in any weather. 

Microfiber Cover: One of the best reasons to buy this saddle could be its microfiber Superlite/Alcantara cover that gives you more comfort while riding and increases its service life.

ergon smc3 pro MTB Comfort saddle

Pros and Cons About Ergon smc3 Pro Saddle


  • Despite being a white saddle, it barely looks dirty in long-term use.
  • Highly comfortable for both male and female riders.
  • Hollow TiNox rails with a Carbon Composite shell.
  • Effective sun protection.


Don’t have any center cut.

Video Review: Ergon smc3 Pro MTB Comfort Saddle

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Brooks Cambium c15 Saddle Review

Looking for a bike saddle that barely needs any maintenance? If this is the case, then you must try Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat. Among all, the C15 is undoubtedly the best creation from Brooks England with a relatively cheaper price tag. Moreover, it is designed to be comfortable for both normal or big size riders.

Again, it is a unisex saddle, meaning both male and female riders can comfortably use it. The incredible sturdy but flexible frame lets you fluently ride the bike in any style or speed you want. Here is more info for this Brooks Cambium C15 saddle review.

Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat- C15 Features

Lightweight Saddle: This saddle is much lighter than other sports curve saddle on the market.

Perfect for Long Rides: It’s organic cotton-based couching on the seating area that allows you to comfortably ride for longer periods. It even remains painless in all road conditions.

Quietly Absorb Shocks: Its incredible engineering spreads can quietly absorb minor shocks and vibrations and give a smooth riding experience.

Waterproof: The upper layer of the saddle is completely waterproof. Apparently, rain or sweat won’t be a problem for it.

Suitable for Any Weather: The outermost layer of this saddle is wrapped in a high-quality nylon cover. Eventually, it lets helps the saddle to provide the best comfort in all weather.

brooks cambium c15 carved saddle

Pros and Cons About Brooks Cambium c15 Saddle


  • Maintenance-free saddle.
  • Easy to install on the bike.
  • Center cut reduces hip sweating.
  • Good grip on the saddle.


  • The cushioning may get harder if you store it in a sunny area for a prolonged time.

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Ergon Women’s Sm Sport Gel Bicycle Saddle Review

If you are looking for a suitable bicycle saddle that is made specifically for women then you should try this one. Ergon Women’s Sm Sport Gel Bicycle Saddle gives great comfort to the rider. No matter how big or small the rider is, it stays comfortable for all. Also, it guarantees you provide every benefit of a good saddle while participating in bicycle sports.

Moreover, this saddle seat is made of durable materials. That’s why it lasts much longer and the nylon composite shell can easily handle minor crashes. Here is a short Ergon Sm Women’s Saddle review to give you a clear understanding.

Ergon Women’s Sm Sport Gel Bicycle Saddle Features

Gel Technology: This awesome saddle comes with anatomic gel pads that are positioned in the hip bone contact area of the saddle. It eventually helps you pedaling comfortably and painlessly.

Gentle Airflow from The Bottom: Its center-cut section is designed to provide gentle airflow to your hip area. Apparently, it reduces sweating and increases comfort.

No Pain in The Woman Area: This saddle is specially designed to prevent getting pain or irritation in the perineum and genital areas.

All-around MTB saddle: Its orthopedic foam with gel gives room to ride a bicycle with the topmost comfort. It also helps you balance your bike on serious moves.

Microfiber Cover: The saddle’s microfiber cover protects it from sun damage and easily deals with salty sweats.

Ergon SM Womens Saddle Actual Size

Ergon SM Womens Saddle Actual Size

Pros and Cons About Ergon SM Womens Saddle


• Super easy to mount on the bike.

• Lightweight and slick design.

• It is completely suitable for any riding habits.

• Comes with two years of warranty.


• It might not be the best choice if you are looking for a much softer cushion for your sit bones.

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Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle Review

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Collegiate All Purpose Saddle Review

COLLEGIATE is a renowned name for its incredible horse saddles. Among all of their saddles, Collegiate All Purpose Saddle is one of their best creation. For collegiate all-purpose saddle review, I will say this one you should try at least once to know its comfort. Especially it is more suitable for wider horses.

The best thing is, it not only thinks about your comfort, but it will also give a greater zone of comfort for your horse. Besides, it has a much longer service life than most other similar horse saddles on the market.

Collegiate All Purpose Saddle Review
Collegiate All Purpose Saddle

collegiate convertible all purpose saddle Features

All-purpose saddle.: By the name of the saddle, you may have already guessed that it is an incredible saddle that is designed to use for all purposes.

Lightweight Saddle: This incredible saddle is comparatively lighter. That means it will put less pressure on your horse.

Safer for The Rider: Even on extreme riding, the saddle remains totally stable on the back of your horse. So you eventually get more confidence and control while riding.

Comfortable: Collegiate All Purpose Saddle provides an optimal dressage rider position with great comfort.

Deeper Seat: The seating position is on this saddle is much deeper and towards the center with a narrow waist. Apparently, it gives you a more comfortable sitting posture.

High-Quality Materials: It has very high-quality lather with an elegant design.

Pros and Cons About Collegiate All Purpose Saddle


  • It has a large contact area between the saddle and the horse’s back.
  • You won’t feel any pain after riding for a long time.
  • It offers a changeable gullet system for your horse
  • Last very long.

Cons There is less variation in colors.

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Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle Review

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Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle Review

cobb v flow plus saddle is so far one of the best saddles. This stylish saddle is designed to provide you with full comfort in any road condition. It has 10% firmer memory foam than other V-Flow saddles. It makes the saddle more comfortable for riders of any size or weight.

Moreover, its elegant design suits any TT bike. One of the things I want to mention in this cobb v flow plus saddle review is that you won’t feel pain in the hip area even if you are on this saddle for a long time.

Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle

Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle Features

Some appealing features of cobb v flow plus saddle are-

Perfect for Both Men & Women: Its smart design to make it is totally comfortable for riders of both gender.

Durable: This saddle is made of fine quality materials. Even the foam will remain soft after prolong time.

UV Protected: You can worry freely use it or keep the bike saddle in the hot sun.

Waterproof: The memory foam used in cobb v flow plus is waterproof. Apparently, you won’t have to worry about your sweat or rain.

Weight: This saddle weighs only 294 grams. It will not add much weight to your bike and can be an advantage for racing.

Great for Long Races: With cobb v flow plus, you can totally forget about the saddle and focus on paddling without any irritation.

Pros and Cons About Cobb V Flow Saddle


  • Much comfortable for a long time ride.
  • It won’t get damaged on rough uses.
  • Easy to mount on bike or remove.
  • Suitable for persons of any height on size.


  • It may feel bulky for a road bike set-up.

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