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Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle Review

cobb v flow plus saddle is so far one of the best saddles. This stylish saddle is designed to provide you with full comfort in any road condition. It has 10% firmer memory foam than other V-Flow saddles. It makes the saddle more comfortable for riders of any size or weight.

Moreover, its elegant design suits any TT bike. One of the things I want to mention in this cobb v flow plus saddle review is that you won’t feel pain in the hip area even if you are on this saddle for a long time.

Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle

Cobb V Flow Plus Saddle Features

Some appealing features of cobb v flow plus saddle are-

Perfect for Both Men & Women: Its smart design to make it is totally comfortable for riders of both gender.

Durable: This saddle is made of fine quality materials. Even the foam will remain soft after prolong time.

UV Protected: You can worry freely use it or keep the bike saddle in the hot sun.

Waterproof: The memory foam used in cobb v flow plus is waterproof. Apparently, you won’t have to worry about your sweat or rain.

Weight: This saddle weighs only 294 grams. It will not add much weight to your bike and can be an advantage for racing.

Great for Long Races: With cobb v flow plus, you can totally forget about the saddle and focus on paddling without any irritation.

Pros and Cons About Cobb V Flow Saddle


  • Much comfortable for a long time ride.
  • It won’t get damaged on rough uses.
  • Easy to mount on bike or remove.
  • Suitable for persons of any height on size.


  • It may feel bulky for a road bike set-up.

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