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Fabric Magic Elite Radius Saddle Review

If you are looking for a suitable saddle for your mountain bicycle, then you should try Fabric Magic Elite Team Saddle. Here is a brief Fabric Magic Elite Radius review.

The very first thing that will amaze you is its incredibly eye-catchy design. Though it is available in two different colors (Rasta & Black), the “Rasta” has a more eye-catchy appearance. It has an incredibly strong frame that can last for a very long time. Minor hits won’t damage the saddle. Again, this saddle is hassle-free to mount on the bike.  

Features of Fabric Magic Elite Radius Saddle

Fully cushioned seat: Unlike many other mountain bike saddles, its entire seating area is cushioned with foam instead of two hip bone areas.

Good Grip: The one thing you need on any mountain bike saddle is a good grip. Fabric Magic Elite Team Saddle provides a good grip with your hip and gives superior control over your bicycle.

Compatible for All Weather: Whether it is a hot summer day, freezing colds, or heavy rain, the performance of this saddle never decreases.

Radius Profile for Upright Sitting: It comes with a Radius-type design that gives you an upright and relaxed posture for pain-free and comfortable riding on mountains.

Quality Materials: The saddle is made of Faux Leather, microfiber, and a flexible base that provides comfort on long or rough ridings.

Specification of Fabric Magic Elite Radius Team Saddle

ColorRasta & Black
Item Dimensions14.03 x 7.43 x 2.75 inches
MaterialFaux Leather
Saddle Measures255x142mm

Pros and Cons About Fabric Magic Elite Radius


  • It has a buzz channel for extra tire clearance.
  • Three-part construction.
  • softer foam for unique comfort.
  • waterproof microfiber outer layer.


  • No carbon frame has been used in this saddle.

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