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Brooks Cambium c15 Saddle Review

Looking for a bike saddle that barely needs any maintenance? If this is the case, then you must try Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat. Among all, the C15 is undoubtedly the best creation from Brooks England with a relatively cheaper price tag. Moreover, it is designed to be comfortable for both normal or big size riders.

Again, it is a unisex saddle, meaning both male and female riders can comfortably use it. The incredible sturdy but flexible frame lets you fluently ride the bike in any style or speed you want. Here is more info for this Brooks Cambium C15 saddle review.

Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat- C15 Features

Lightweight Saddle: This saddle is much lighter than other sports curve saddle on the market.

Perfect for Long Rides: It’s organic cotton-based couching on the seating area that allows you to comfortably ride for longer periods. It even remains painless in all road conditions.

Quietly Absorb Shocks: Its incredible engineering spreads can quietly absorb minor shocks and vibrations and give a smooth riding experience.

Waterproof: The upper layer of the saddle is completely waterproof. Apparently, rain or sweat won’t be a problem for it.

Suitable for Any Weather: The outermost layer of this saddle is wrapped in a high-quality nylon cover. Eventually, it lets helps the saddle to provide the best comfort in all weather.

brooks cambium c15 carved saddle

Pros and Cons About Brooks Cambium c15 Saddle


  • Maintenance-free saddle.
  • Easy to install on the bike.
  • Center cut reduces hip sweating.
  • Good grip on the saddle.


  • The cushioning may get harder if you store it in a sunny area for a prolonged time.

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