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Collegiate All Purpose Saddle Review

COLLEGIATE is a renowned name for its incredible horse saddles. Among all of their saddles, Collegiate All Purpose Saddle is one of their best creation. For collegiate all-purpose saddle review, I will say this one you should try at least once to know its comfort. Especially it is more suitable for wider horses.

The best thing is, it not only thinks about your comfort, but it will also give a greater zone of comfort for your horse. Besides, it has a much longer service life than most other similar horse saddles on the market.

Collegiate All Purpose Saddle Review
Collegiate All Purpose Saddle

collegiate convertible all purpose saddle Features

All-purpose saddle.: By the name of the saddle, you may have already guessed that it is an incredible saddle that is designed to use for all purposes.

Lightweight Saddle: This incredible saddle is comparatively lighter. That means it will put less pressure on your horse.

Safer for The Rider: Even on extreme riding, the saddle remains totally stable on the back of your horse. So you eventually get more confidence and control while riding.

Comfortable: Collegiate All Purpose Saddle provides an optimal dressage rider position with great comfort.

Deeper Seat: The seating position is on this saddle is much deeper and towards the center with a narrow waist. Apparently, it gives you a more comfortable sitting posture.

High-Quality Materials: It has very high-quality lather with an elegant design.

Pros and Cons About Collegiate All Purpose Saddle


  • It has a large contact area between the saddle and the horse’s back.
  • You won’t feel any pain after riding for a long time.
  • It offers a changeable gullet system for your horse
  • Last very long.

Cons There is less variation in colors.

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