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Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle Review

The famous saddle brand Fabric & Fabric offers you Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle. It is certainly one of the best ones that give both comfort and performance. With its sturdy construction, you can use it for any biking scenario. Meaning, this saddle is suitable for city roads, gravel roads, or muddy mountain trails.

Another good thing is, this saddle is available in three different shapes. You can pick any of them according to your needs. This incredibly strong saddle weighs around 266g and doesn’t impact much on the bike balance. Know more from this fabric scoop elite saddle review below.

Which version would be the most comfortable?

There are three different profiles: flat, shallow and radius. They vary on the “nose” orientation. The best qualified in bike magazines is RADIUS. You can also choose rail construction materials (aluminum, titanium, or carbon).
I tried first a cheaper aluminum version of the radius profile and I loved it, so after I decided to purchase the elite (carbon) version

Does the saddle make noise when ridding ?

I have not noticed the saddle making any noise.

which is best for gravel?cross/touring? flat? shallow? or radius?

I have the radius on my mountain bike and really love it. I have seen where both the flat and the radius are the best for mountain bikes. The radius has a little more padding than the flat. If you’re on the bigger side I would go with the radius.

Features Of Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle

Three Different Shapes: As I mentioned before, this incredible saddle comes in three different shapes (Shallow, Flat & Radius). It makes you riding way for comfortable. You just have to choose a saddle according to your riding style, the surface you ride, or your flexibility.

Weather Microfiber Cover: It greatly helps the saddle to stands against rain, sun heat, and sweat.

Vibration Reduction: It is made of lightweight solid Chromoly rails which reduces Seat-post vibration. It eventually offers more comfortable riding on gravel or trails.

Flexible Nylon Shell: It makes the whole saddle lightweight but stronger. It also allows you to do rough riding.

No Pain: With this incredibly comfortable saddle, you will barely feel any pain around your hip. Even after a day-long ride.

Specification of fabric scoop flat elite saddle

BrandFabric & Fabric
Item Dimensions LxWxH8 x 12 x 3 inches
MaterialNylon, Microfiber
Pad TypeWaterproof Pad
WeightRadius-12 ounces And Flat & Shallow-11.2 ounces

Pros and Cons About Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle Shallow Matte


  • The three-part saddle building process makes it incredibly strong.
  • Also available in matte colors.
  • Incredibly soft cushioning makes off-roading fun.
  • Relatively lighter.
  • Good grip on hip.


  • The foam cushioning may not feel soft enough for some riders.

Video Review: Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle Shallow Matte

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