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Trophy Ridge 4 Banger Quiver Review

Trophy Ridge 4 Banger Quiver is widely popular in the market. This Trophy Ridge quiver has a few unique features that make hunting and practicing a breeze.  But is it good enough to purchase one? In this Trophy Ridge 4 Banger Quiver review, you will discover the answer.

Trophy Ridge 4 Banger Quiver Details & Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Capacity: 4 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎Aluminum.
  • Users: Unisex.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 7.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎0.75lbs.
Trophy Ridge 4 Banger Quiver

Trophy Ridge 4 Banger might be the quiver for you if you’re seeking a durable aluminum-built quiver. With a modern appearance and balanced weight, it definitely does its job pretty well. The hood is well-insulated, so noise is kept to a minimum.  It is enough big and does support both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

It also comes with two grippers, which double the grip on the arrows and eliminate wobbling. The arrows are well spearheaded in the quiver. Pulling one arrow won’t touch others. Overall, it is the perfect quiver for both archery and bow-hunting.

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What I Liked:

●    The rugged aluminum construction is certainly more durable and long-lasting than other quivers.
●    Detaching Trophy Ridge 4 Banger quiver is simple and silent.
●   The rubbers used for grippers and hoods are special rubber that has a high capability of reducing noise.
●    Two good grippers ensure your arrows don’t fall or wobble.

Things I Don’t Like:

●    It doesn’t come with any hook for hanging.
●    You may need to get longer screws to fit this quiver on some bows.

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TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver Review

The TRUGLO quivers are among the best on the market. The TRUGLO LOC Down quiver is one of the best creations of TRUGLO. With a very reasonable price and unbelievable lightweight design, this quiver is dominating the market for quite a long time now. I shared some vital facts that’s why one should buy this one in this quiver review.

TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver Details Review & Key Feature

Key Features:

  • Arrow capacity: ‎4 arrows.
  • Hand Orientation: Fits both handed arrows
  • Users: Unisex-Adult.
  • Dimensions: ‎18 x 8 x 3 inches.
  • Weight: ‎0.5 Pounds
  • Material ‏: ‎‎Blend.
TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver Feature

First of all, this great quiver from TRUGLO looks pretty attractive and the composite construction is very sturdy. It comes with very good color and weather coating. This eventually preserves the beauty of this quiver for a prolonged time. Secondly, it is much lighter and you won’t feel much pain holding the bow for a longer period.

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Moreover, the twisting lock system is straightforward and fluent with just one hand. It comes with a fine-quality flexible hood. Apparently, this hood supports both types of arrows. Plus, the hood is well rubberized inside. Eventually, this hood and the grips hold the arrows tightly.

Features I Liked:

●    It includes two fine-quality arrow grippers to keep the arrows frozen at their place.
●    The rubberized hood insert is great for reducing noises.
●    It features TWISTLOCK mounting which is both easy and quiet.
●   The TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver has a good paint quality that will preserve its fresh look for a long time.

What I Disliked:

●    It is a bit longer than some alternatives.

FAQs: TRUGLO LOC Down Quiver

Question: Will LOC Down fit a Barnett jackal crossbow?
Answer: The mounting for a compound bow may be different for a crossbow. TRUGLO mounts at the burger hole of a compound (right at the bow’s riser). If there is a bow shop near you, they might be able to tell you which quivers would work best with the Jackal.

Question: would TRUGLO LOC Down quiver fit my Martin XBlade 4 bow?
Answer: TRUGLO works on my Martin fine, I mounted it to my bow’s sight. LOC Down Quiver has a good snug fit when securing arrows too.

Question: Does the quiver fit a Barnett panzer v?
Answer: Yes, LOC Down Quiver does indeed. I myself do not have one but I have seen several with some variation of a Tru Glo quiver and all TruGlo quivers use the same mounting system.

Question: Does LOC Down fit on mission craze bow without disturbing sites?
Answer: I have a bear archery bow and as TRUGLO bolts to the sights there is no obstruction and don’t see a problem with LOC Down Quiver fitting another style it also comes with risers to push it out further.

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Product Review Quiver Sports & Outdoors


TRUGLO TUFF-LOC is an incredibly tough, lightweight, and eye-catching quiver at an affordable price. So far, this is one of the best deals you can get in the market. Here are the top reasons to buy this incredible quiver.

TRUGLO TUFF-LOC Quiver Details Review & Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Arrow capacity: 4 arrows.
  • Hand Orientation: ‎Ambidextrous.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 4 inches.
  • Weight: ‎0.19 Pounds.
  • Material: ‎‎Blend.
  • Construction – Lightweight. Compact durable composite
  • Gripper Design – Rubberized, secure double-grippers
  • Arrow Compatibilitycarbon and aluminum & 229″ diameter and larger Fits
TRUGLO TUFF-LOC Quiver Feature

The structure of this fantastic-looking lightweight quiver is extremely sturdy. made from composite materials, this quiver is equally great for ‎hunting or military purposes. Its flexible hood is capable of holding a wide variety of arrows perfectly. It includes high-quality rubberized and secure double-grippers. Along with the rubberized hood compartment, it makes really tight grips for arrows. Apparently, walking or running doesn’t give any wobbliness.

Moreover, It is super silent. Pulling out arrows won’t scare away your target in the woods! Its compact design gives perfect look with the bow. Plus, it doesn’t ruin balance much. Besides, mounting this quiver to your favorite should be a child’s job.

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Things I Liked:

●    It includes a great on-handed Cam-Lock for detaching the bow from the quiver.
●    TRUGLO TUFF-LOC is extremely lightweight. Plus, the compact design makes it an even better one.
●    This amusing quiver supports both mechanical and fixed–blade broadhead arrows.
●    It is super cheap. Apparently, this quiver should be the best choice under 20/25 dollars.

What I Disliked:

●   You have to buy mounting hardware separately from the manufacturer.



Question: Will TRUGLO fit a Barnett quad 400 crossbow?
Answer: Generally, if your bow/crossbow has quiver mounting points, anybody’s quiver will fit. So yes, TRUGLO TUFF-LOC should fit fine, and retain your quarrels nicely. It’s a Barnett, TRUGLO has standard mounting points for whatever gadgetry you’d stick on a crossbow, at worst you might have to move a Picatinny rail. If not, see your local bowyer for options.

Question: Does TRUGLO mount on a one-piece recurve?
Answer: TRUGLO Quiver is pretty universal. ID says 95% fit for any bow. Mine is on a breakdown recurve.

Question: Will TRUGLO quiver fit a pistol crossbow?
Answer: Even if TRUGLO doesn’t, you could probably adapt it, but the TRUGLO quiver will make such a small crossbow considerably more bulky, and may interfere with cocking. So “yes”, but I wouldn’t.

Question: Can I attach TRUGLO to a Parker Crossbow?
Answer: TRUGLO is intended primarily for use on the compound or recurve bows with the appropriate mounting holes & bushings. Crossbows are held like rifles, so you’d have to detach the TRUGLO quiver before shooting. It’d be in your way on the buttstock or foregrip & you can’t install it on the limbs. A hip or back quiver would be a good choice.

Question: Could TRUGLO fit on an Avalanche 120 lbs crossbow?
Answer: TRUGLO quiver frustrating to hear all of the stupid questions people ask on here. If your bow or crossbow can hold a standard arrow holder, this will work for it. TRUGLO arrow holder is exceptional, and it will fit your bow or crossbow if it has the standard fitment.

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Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver Review

The Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver is an excellent product that has been on the market for quite some time. Here is my simple and informative review of this quiver.

 Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver Details Review & Feature

Feature Highlights:

  • Capacity: 4 arrows. ‎ 
  • Dimensions: 17.25 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Pieces: One-Piece Quiver.
  • Users: Unisex.
  • Weight: ‎0.05 pounds.

The first thing that comes to mind while looking at this quiver is its extremely simplistic design. Bohning made an effort to keep the quiver as basic as possible. Though I have mixed feelings about the build quality. It is made of hard plastic. I feel like it should have a little more flexibility in its construction material. The good thing is, it does come with two grippers. These are quite good quality and should hold most standard arrows without any hassle.

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The hood is ergonomically rubberized inside and holds an arrowhead pretty solidly. With two incredible grippers and an insulated hood, there is almost zero chance of arrow-wobbling. The mounting mechanism is rock solid. Besides, you can mount this quiver with your bow within a couple of minutes.

What I Liked:

●   It comes with two decent grippers which do their job pretty well.
●   This quiver offers an extraordinary lever-lock mounting system. This Bohning Quiver mount is both quiet and tight.
●   It has a surprisingly good balance with a weight of only 0.05lbs.
●   The hood is totally noiseless and holds arrows tightly. Also, the hood is replaceable.

Things I Disliked:

● The Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver has a comparatively simple appearance.
● It doesn’t offer that many adjusting functions like many other quivers.

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FAQs: Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver

Question: Will Bohning arrow hold smaller diameter arrows such as Easton 5mm fmj?
Answer: Bohning Lynx Quiver Should be fine with the 5mm but probably not work well with a 4mm.

Question: can Bohning be mounted on a crossbow?
Answer: Yes. Bohning 4 Arrow Quiver uses a standard mount. Mine is mounted to my Excalibur.

Product Review Quiver Sports & Outdoors

Legend xt420 Field Triple Arrow Quiver Review

You can’t talk about hip arrow quivers without thinking or mentioning the insanely popular Legend XT420 Field Triple Arrow Quiver. This quiver is a fabulous one with great pros. Here is a simple review of mine on this quiver.

Legend xt420 Field Triple Arrow Quiver Details Review

Highlighted Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: Around 18-20 standard arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎High-quality Nylon.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult
  • Dimensions: ‎‎17.7 x 5.91 x 3.54 inches
  • Hand Orientation: Available for both hand orientations.
Legend xt420 Field Triple Arrow Quiver

The first thing I liked about this Legend archery quiver is the build quality. Made from good quality nylon which is undoubtedly tougher than polyesters. Apparently, small or medium-sized scratch won’t be a problem. Its arrow holding capacity is also great. The entire quiver is well balanced and you eventually won’t feel any problem with long arrows.

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Moreover, Its outer zip pocket is spacious and you can easily carry your necessary small accessories or other stuff in it. Besides, it features three different compartments in the arrow storage area to keep them organized. It also helps to pull out arrows without any issue. The waist belt is also adjustable and comfortable for most people.

Moreover, its lightweight ensures that you can hold your bow longer time without pain on your wrist. The arrow grips are quite good at their work. Plus, having two grips are always better than one. It significantly improves vibration. Lastly, I found the mounting mechanism very user-friendly and quiet.

What I Liked:

●    This hip quiver is made out of fine nylon which is way more durable and long-lasting than polyester.
●    The pockets are much more spacious and perfect for keeping phones, wallets, or other archery stuff.
●    This quiver’s adjustable waist belt supports up to 42” waist. Apparently, a big person can use it comfortably.
●    Pulling out arrows is quite easy and more fluent than most other alternative hip quivers.

What I Disliked:

● It is a backward-facing hip arrow quiver. Meaning you might not notice or feel about dropping arrows.

FAQs: Legend xt420 Field Triple Arrow Quiver

Question: How long are the tubes?
Answer: There aren’t any removable tubes, rather the quiver is divided into 3 sections. My arrows are 29.25” long without field points and more than 1/2 of the arrow is inside of the quiver. Guesstimate at 16” to 18” deep. I’ve never had an arrow fallout when I bent over to pull arrows or to pickup a dropped object.

Question: Will a rangefinder fit in the top pocket?
Answer: No it won’t, that pocket is not big enough for a range finder.

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Elite Quiver Both 4-Arrow and 6-Arrow Review

The ELITE quiver by ELITE Archery is undoubtedly one of the best-looking and futuristic designed quivers out there in the market. With a lightweight and minimal design, it is quite popular among the bow-hunters as well as the archers More on this in this ELITE quiver review.

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ELITE Quiver Review and Feature With Both Arrow

Main Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 4 & 6 arrows.
    Construction Material: ‎High-quality Aluminum ‎Composite.
  • Dimensions: ‎16 x 8 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎ ‎1 kg.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult.

The ELITE quiver is a rugged and modern-looking quiver that has all the top-level facilities you can expect. At first, it is made from high-quality aluminum composites that made it rugged. The quiver is quite well balanced and doesn’t ruin your balance of the bow. Although, you might need to adjust a little to achieve a superior setup.

Moreover, attaching and detaching this quiver is effortless. You even can detach it from the bow quietly with one hand. The gripper is also great at holding arrows and lets you pull arrows noiselessly. In my opinion, the ELITE quiver is so far the best quiver for bow hunting.

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Things I Liked:

●    Its simple one-hand detachable mounting mechanism is just perfect for quietly attaching or detaching the quiver from the bow.
●    This is an incredibly strong quiver from ELITE. You can use this quiver year after year worries freely.
●    Its supports both the Fixed Broad Heads And the Mechanical ones.
●    The gripper of this ELITE quiver is great and holds a wide range of arrow diameters.

What I Disliked:

● As a 6-arrow quiver, it should have come with two grippers.
● It is a little heavier than their quivers of the market.

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Elevation Nerve Field Quiver Details Review

Hip quivers are always a great option if you are in shooting games. The Elevation Nerve Quiver is an extraordinary hip quiver will great features. Here is a brief review of this amusing quiver.

Elevation Nerve Quiver Details Review and Feature

Remarkable Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: At least 20 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎High-quality plastic and rubber.
  • Dimensions: ‎19 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Weight: ‎1 lb.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult.
  • Orientation: Both ones are available.

The feature that attracted me the most is its supreme level of comfort. You can literally feel the difference between a cheap and a premium quiver at this point. The belt is also adjustable and I don’t think a big person will have any issue fitting this quiver. The fabric used in this quiver is flexible and durable.

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The snap-in lock is a plastic one which kind of surprised me as it is not a cheaper quiver at all. However, you can easily carry 15-20 arrows in this quiver without any difficulty. A great feature of this quiver is the separate pouch pocket. Because it is directly placed on the belt, it increases the useably of this pocket,

Moreover, its lightweight ensures that you can hold your bow longer time without pain on your wrist. The arrow grips are quite good at their work. Plus, having two grips are always better than one. It significantly improves vibration. Lastly, I found the mounting mechanism very user-friendly and quiet.

Things I Liked:

●    The belt is super easy to adjust. Plus easy snap-in lock is super easy to put on.
●    It features a hard plastic thick sheet just at the point where the quiver usually bent while filled with long arrows.
●    This Elevation Nerve Quiver has a great build quality and ensures its longibility.
●    This amusing quiver has a good quality pouch to store your necessary equipment.

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Things I Disliked:

● The separate pouch design might not be appreciable for all.

Video Details: Elevation Nerve Field Quiver

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CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Details Feature

CBE is a popular name among archers for its rugged manufacturing quality. Their Tactic 5 quiver is also a widely used quiver for the same purposes. But durability is not only the thing that makes it a favorite one. There is much more than that. Read is short CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Review to know more.

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CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Details Review

Remarkable Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎High-quality plastic and rubber.
  • Dimensions: ‎12.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎13.8oz.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult
CBE Tactic 5 Quiver

First of all, this quiver looks and feels very good in quality as I mentioned before. It would a great option if you are involved in bow-hunting. Besides, it comes with a hood to protect your arrowheads. Most of the arrows fit quite well in this quiver.

Furthermore, the gripper is quite good. It holds the arrows quite perfectly. Although it struggles to hold micro arrows a bit, it holds both fixed and mechanical arrows. Besides, pulling out arrows is quite easy and hassle-free with this quiver. Lastly, the easy clamp system lets you easily attach or detach the quiver from the bow.

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What I Liked:

●    This 5-arrow quiver comes with a hood from keeping the arrowheads safe. Apparently, it takes both fixed and mechanical broad heads
●    It has a super easy attach and detach noiseless mechanism.
●    It is super lightweight at just 0.8-pound weight. It eventually let you hold the quiver up for a long time without hassle.
●    This incredible arrow quiver from CBE allows you to adjust it vertically for getting superior comfort.

Things I Disliked:

● It comes with only one arrow gripper.

Product Review Quiver Sports & Outdoors

Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver Review

Hip quivers are one of the best ones to choose for archery shooting. In this case, the Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver from Easton is undoubtedly a good option if you want to go for a cheaper quiver. Here is a short review of this amusing quiver.

Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver Review and Feature

Key Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: Around 20 standard arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎Polyester.
  • Dimensions: ‎7 x 7 x 14 inches
  • Weight: ‎0.8lbs.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult.
  • Hand Orientation: Both options are available.
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use.
Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver

The first thing I want to mention is its money-worthy design. This quiver has a great and eye-catchy design with a little over 0.8 pounds weight. The quality of the construction material is really good. Furthermore, the buckle is quite comfortable and easy to adjust according to your waist.

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Another great feature of this quiver is its spacious side pockets. Apparently, you can use them for multiple purposes. Plus, reaching them is super easy. The zipper lock keeps your accessories water and dust-free. Finally, this arrow quiver has little brackets in the quiver for easier arrow storing and pulling out.

Things I Liked:

●    It comes with a cheaper price tag than most other alternatives in the market.
●    This incredible quiver features a hook and loop pocket for various use.
●    The buckle strap is pretty comfortable and easy to put on.
●    This Easton Hip Quiver is quite well-balanced while loaded with arrows.

What I Disliked:

● Many alternative quivers are capable of holding more arrows than this one.

FAQs: Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver

Question: Easton the bwlt long enough to wear as a back quiver or is this strictly hip?
No, Easton Flipside is not ideal for a back quiver, it is only a hip quiver.

Question: How many black stalkers can I get into this quiver?
Answer: I think these tubes hold 4 arrows each. so you can carry a dozen with you while you shoot. And You Can Carry 18-24 Comfortably.

Question: Can you use Easton Flipside for carrying broadheads while hunting?
Answer: The broadheads will fit but there is nothing in the bottom of the tube to keep the broadheads from bumping into each other as they are jostled around during carrying. The broadheads might dull each other and the sharp broadheads might damage the shafts while inserting and extracting the arrows from the tubes. Personally, I would carry them in a quiver where the broadheads are secured in foam and you can observe the broadheads and arrow shafts to help prevent broadhead or arrow shaft damage.

Question: will Flipside fit 33″ arrows?
Answer: My son uses Easton Flipside with full-length arrows for 4H and they fit just fine. It’s long enough for standard length arrows but can also hold shorter or longer ones just fine.

Question: What are the total dimensions, will crossbow arrows fit?
Answer: Easton Flipside 3 tube lengths, 17 1/4 is the shortest, up to 18 inches being the longest. tubes are approx 1 1/4 I.D. I’m not too familiar with crossbow bolts and the lengths so I hope this helps.

Question: How deep are the tubes?
Answer: Measured thru the fabric – 18″-18 1/4″ deep. Since I bought this quiver EVERYONE in my house “borrows” it. I prefer to 4 arrows per tube, but the guys put up to 6 each tube and never have them fall or tip out.

Product Review Quiver Sports & Outdoors

Easton Elite Field Quiver Review

If you are a fan of waist or back quivers or want to try one, then the Easton Elite Field by Easton is a worthy recommendation. You definitely fall in love with its construction quality and performance. Read this Easton Elite Field Quiver Review to know more.

Easton Elite Field Quiver Review and Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Capability: At least 20 shooting arrows.
  • Construction: polyester.
  • Quiver Weight: 1.55 lb.
  • Recommended users ‏: Unisex.
  • Hand orientation ‏: Both left hand and right and style is available.
Easton Elite Field Quiver

Easton Elite Field Quiver is a back arrow quiver. Meaning, the arrows won’t bother you as the hip quivers do. You eventually can carry much longer arrows without any difficulty. The majority of this back quiver is made of premium quality polyester. The finishing is totally satisfactory.

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It comes will little arrow dividers that let you carry arrows in little division. Apparently, it helps to pull out arrows comparatively easily. The best thing about this quiver is its comfortable and easy-to-snap buckle. This doesn’t hurt you much even after carrying arrows for a long time.

What I Liked:

●    The quiver has great quality and looks quite stylish. Apparently, the snap lock is totally simple.
●    It fits with any waist between 187 inches to 46 inches. So it will fit everyone perfectly.
●    There are several side pockets where you can keep your necessary small equipment.
●    Easton Elite Field Quiver comes with arrow dividers which you can adjust or remove according to your necessity.

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What I Disliked:

●    It doesn’t make noise while walking. Apparently, it is not highly recommended for bow hunting purposes.
●    In this quiver, the arrows are behind the archer making it a little harder to pull them out.

Video Review: Easton Elite Field and Elite Hip Quiver