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Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver Review

Hip quivers are one of the best ones to choose for archery shooting. In this case, the Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver from Easton is undoubtedly a good option if you want to go for a cheaper quiver. Here is a short review of this amusing quiver.

Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver Review and Feature

Key Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: Around 20 standard arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎Polyester.
  • Dimensions: ‎7 x 7 x 14 inches
  • Weight: ‎0.8lbs.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult.
  • Hand Orientation: Both options are available.
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use.
Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver

The first thing I want to mention is its money-worthy design. This quiver has a great and eye-catchy design with a little over 0.8 pounds weight. The quality of the construction material is really good. Furthermore, the buckle is quite comfortable and easy to adjust according to your waist.

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Another great feature of this quiver is its spacious side pockets. Apparently, you can use them for multiple purposes. Plus, reaching them is super easy. The zipper lock keeps your accessories water and dust-free. Finally, this arrow quiver has little brackets in the quiver for easier arrow storing and pulling out.

Things I Liked:

●    It comes with a cheaper price tag than most other alternatives in the market.
●    This incredible quiver features a hook and loop pocket for various use.
●    The buckle strap is pretty comfortable and easy to put on.
●    This Easton Hip Quiver is quite well-balanced while loaded with arrows.

What I Disliked:

● Many alternative quivers are capable of holding more arrows than this one.

FAQs: Easton Flipside 3 Tube Hip Quiver

Question: Easton the bwlt long enough to wear as a back quiver or is this strictly hip?
No, Easton Flipside is not ideal for a back quiver, it is only a hip quiver.

Question: How many black stalkers can I get into this quiver?
Answer: I think these tubes hold 4 arrows each. so you can carry a dozen with you while you shoot. And You Can Carry 18-24 Comfortably.

Question: Can you use Easton Flipside for carrying broadheads while hunting?
Answer: The broadheads will fit but there is nothing in the bottom of the tube to keep the broadheads from bumping into each other as they are jostled around during carrying. The broadheads might dull each other and the sharp broadheads might damage the shafts while inserting and extracting the arrows from the tubes. Personally, I would carry them in a quiver where the broadheads are secured in foam and you can observe the broadheads and arrow shafts to help prevent broadhead or arrow shaft damage.

Question: will Flipside fit 33″ arrows?
Answer: My son uses Easton Flipside with full-length arrows for 4H and they fit just fine. It’s long enough for standard length arrows but can also hold shorter or longer ones just fine.

Question: What are the total dimensions, will crossbow arrows fit?
Answer: Easton Flipside 3 tube lengths, 17 1/4 is the shortest, up to 18 inches being the longest. tubes are approx 1 1/4 I.D. I’m not too familiar with crossbow bolts and the lengths so I hope this helps.

Question: How deep are the tubes?
Answer: Measured thru the fabric – 18″-18 1/4″ deep. Since I bought this quiver EVERYONE in my house “borrows” it. I prefer to 4 arrows per tube, but the guys put up to 6 each tube and never have them fall or tip out.