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CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Details Feature

CBE is a popular name among archers for its rugged manufacturing quality. Their Tactic 5 quiver is also a widely used quiver for the same purposes. But durability is not only the thing that makes it a favorite one. There is much more than that. Read is short CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Review to know more.

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CBE Tactic 5 Quiver Details Review

Remarkable Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎High-quality plastic and rubber.
  • Dimensions: ‎12.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎13.8oz.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult
CBE Tactic 5 Quiver

First of all, this quiver looks and feels very good in quality as I mentioned before. It would a great option if you are involved in bow-hunting. Besides, it comes with a hood to protect your arrowheads. Most of the arrows fit quite well in this quiver.

Furthermore, the gripper is quite good. It holds the arrows quite perfectly. Although it struggles to hold micro arrows a bit, it holds both fixed and mechanical arrows. Besides, pulling out arrows is quite easy and hassle-free with this quiver. Lastly, the easy clamp system lets you easily attach or detach the quiver from the bow.

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What I Liked:

●    This 5-arrow quiver comes with a hood from keeping the arrowheads safe. Apparently, it takes both fixed and mechanical broad heads
●    It has a super easy attach and detach noiseless mechanism.
●    It is super lightweight at just 0.8-pound weight. It eventually let you hold the quiver up for a long time without hassle.
●    This incredible arrow quiver from CBE allows you to adjust it vertically for getting superior comfort.

Things I Disliked:

● It comes with only one arrow gripper.