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Kwikee Quiver 6 Arrow Review

Kwikee always has a good reputation for making incredible arrow quivers within a cheaper budget range. The Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6 Arrow Bow Quiver is certainly one of the best ones you can find in the market. Learn why in this Kwikee Quiver 6 Arrow Review below.

Kwikee Quiver 6 Arrow Quiver Review and Feature

Remarkable Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 6 arrows.
  • Dimensions: 11.75 x 5 x 3 inches.
  • Construction Material: ‎Polymer.
  • Weight: 8.7ounces (0.54 pounds)
  • Carries 6-arrows for the long haul.
  • Mounting bracket allows easy-on/off without removing arrows.
  • Arrow gripper is designed to stay pliable in a wide range of temperatures.
Kwikee Kwiver Kompound - 6 Arrow Bow Quiver

The first impression after getting this quiver was pretty pleasant. It comes with great packaging and installation guideline. Installing the mounting brackets to the bow was a pretty effortless job. Apparently, everyone should be able to install it within a few minutes. Besides, this is a detachable quiver that has a really fast and silent attach/detach mechanism.

The best part is, although it holds 6 arrows, the Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6 Arrow Bow Quiver dissent look bulky at all. It still got the shape of a 4 arrow quiver and hold two arrows beneath two arrows. The gripper is quite good and noiseless. But it is better if they offer two grippers as they do on the 3 and 4 arrow quivers.

Besides, this arrows quiver comes with a protective hood to keep your sharp arrows damage free. Plus, I didn’t find any wobbliness on this quiver and pulling and placing arrows were total silent. The quiver is well-balanced and you can always adjust a bit to achieve the rightmost preference.

Things I Liked:

●    This incredible arrow quiver from Kwikee is super quiet. You can attach/detach or pull arrows about in total silence.
●    Its incredibly strong polymer structure ensures its longibility. It also can handle small or medium hits fluently.
●    Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6 Arrow Bow Quiver is capable of holding much wider shaft diameters comfortably. The hood is also spacious and holds bigger arrows heads.
●    Its Ultra-Lock bracket locking mechanism holds the bow tightly and generates zero wobbling sound.

What I Disliked:

●    Despite being 6 arrow quiver, it comes with one arrow gripper.
●    There is no option for vertical adjustment on this quiver.

Kwikee Quiver 6 Arrow

FAQs: Kwikee Quiver 6 Arrow

Question: Will Kwikee fit a parker enforcer crossbow?
Answer: Depends on mounting holes. Measure holes before ordering. I love the Kwikee Arrow’s setup very versatile.

Question: Is Kwikee Arrow quiver compatible with Kwikee’s Sidewinder Hip Adapter?
Answer: I’ve never heard of the sidewinder but looked it up and from what I see Kwikee has the exact same mount as the one that hooks to my bows, so my best guess is yes Kwikee should work just fine.

Question: Does Kwikee hold arrows tightly? Mean they don’t fall out by themselves?
Answer: I have not had any issues with any arrows falling out of the Kwikee Arrow quiver. They are held tightly into the rig.

Question: Will Kwikee quiver hold aluminum arrows?
Answer: I have Kwikee quiver for carbon arrows, and they are thin and fit snug. If your aluminum arrows are really thick you might have trouble fitting them in.

Question: Will Kwikee fit the kid compound bow?
Answer: Yes Kwikee 6 arrow quiver would the brackets line up perfectly with most Bows the only issue that I would find with it is it’s weight because of its large size Holding as Many arrows as it does.

Question: Will Kwikee fit kid compound bow?
Answer: Yes it would the brackets line up perfectly with most Bows the only issue that I would find with Kwikee is it’s weight because of its large size Holding as Many arrows as it does.

Question: Is Kwikee compatible with HHA sights?
Answer: The quick detach mount uses standard mounting holes, and hte Kwikee quiver itself sits off a bit, so I would think so.

Question: will it fit Mathews z3 bow?
Answer: Kwikee should fit the Z3. They are very versatile and fit most compound bows.

Question: Will Kwikee fit a Hoyt razertec?
Answer: Fit perfectly on my Mathews mission. Mounts to the sight bracket.

Question: Do these mount on a Martin Jaguar Takedown recurve?
Answer: The mounting bracket will mount to the pin sight mount frame on the side, not directly to the bow. Quiver then slides into mount.

Video Review: Kwikee Kwiver Deluxe Recurve Quiver

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