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Brooks England Isle of Wight Saddle Bag Review

An adventurous cycle journey can be completed without a proper saddle bag.  These small but handy bags can really be a great assist on a long cycle journey. Brooks England Isle of Wight Saddle Bag is one of the best saddle bags that you can trust for long-lastingness. You will definitely fall in with its premium look and spacious storage area. Again, this bag is fully made out of strong and durable materials and a lightweight frame at the same time.

Moreover, this Isle of Wight Saddle Bag Review cannot be completed without mentioning the intelligent design that keeps all the weight in a center and maintains bike balance properly even while leaning at a good speed.

Where is Isle of Wight Saddle Bag made?

Italy. Wonderful quality.

what size do I need for a phone 7 inches long and 3.5 inches wide?

The medium saddle will work well. No to the light.

Will this work on the Schwinn No Pressure seat?

If the seat has hooks or eyelets, I think it would work very well. However, I don’t have that seat myself.

will the small fit 2 tubes co2 and tire levers?

It comes in two sizes I believe. I need to check mine. Two tubes might be much. Definitely one. I keep a small multi-tool and patch kit in mine as well.

Features Of Isle of Wight Saddle Bag

Some incredible features of this bag are-

Stylish and Convenient Pocket Design: Its convenient designs allow you to put a phone, map, wallet, multi-tools, an inner tube, a small bike pump, and some more things in this bag.

Waterproof Bag: This incredible saddle bag is made of waterproof textiles and vegetable-tanned leather. Apparently, your phone, papers, etc. are safe in it in heavy rain.

Two Zippers: It provides a double layer of protection to your electronics and sensitive items with the double zipper feature.

Easy Mounting: This saddle bag is simple and takes barely half a minute to mount. You eventually don’t need any tools for it.

Good Grip: Unlike many saddle bags, the isle of wight saddle bag doesn’t get loosen in few kilometers of haptic ride. Its good grip stays fixed in its place.

Specification of Isle of Wight Saddle Bag

BrandBrooks England
SizeLarge & Medium
Dimensions (W x H x D)Small: (W) 10cm x (H) 9.7cm x (D) 16cm
Medium: (W) 10cm x (H) 11cm x (D) 18cm
Large: (W) 11cm x (H) 12cm x (D) 20cm
VolumeSmall: .8 Liter
Medium: 1.2 Liter
Large: 1.8 Liter
ManufacturerHighway Two, LLC.
Weight0.66 Pounds

Pros and Cons About Brooks England Isle of Wight Saddle Bag


  • Useable in offroad riding
  • Stylish look.
  • Minor starch can’t harm it.
  • Minimalistic design that matches your bicycle.


  • Not much color variation is available for this bag.

Video Review: Brooks Isle of Wight Saddle Bag

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