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Oxford First Time Saddle/Panniers Review

This saddle bag is for motorcycle riders. It is a rugged bag with a massive capacity of 12.6 Gallon. The best thing about this bag is, it doesn’t make your bike very wide although it sits on the side of the motorcycle. The outer graphics are minimal but stylish and go any motorcycle. Also, it doesn’t make the bike wobbly at all even it is fully packed.

It comes with two outer/side pockets, Apparently, it is perfect for keeping bikes paper and other stuff which you need frequently. Know more about it in this Oxford First Time Panniers review.

Are these saddlebags top loading and are they lockable?

No, they are not top loading. Top loading is the LGOX500 at Lockitt – CycleBitz

The zipper runs on the perimeter of the bag – you can see the zipper in the photo. So they are not top loading. The bags do not come with any security device. You can mount the bags by placing one strap under the seat, making them more complicated to steal. You would need to purchase a lock for the zippers.

Features of Oxford First Time Saddle

Great for All Terrains: No matter which road you go, even a particle of dust can’t get inside of the bag.

Rain and Sun Protection: This great saddlebag is fully water and UV-resistant. Apparently, you can keep your important stuff safe.

High-Quality Straps: This bag includes high-quality straps to mount this bag on the bike.


Scratch Resistant: In your motorcycle journey, you may face many difficulties on road. But this starch-resistant bag will stand against jumping small rocks or pebbles towards it.

Rain Cover Included: Although it is a water-resistant bag. It also comes with an eye-catchy rain cover.

Long-Lasting Zips: All the zips used in this bag are easy to open and close and last more than others.

Specification of Oxford First Time Saddle/Panniers

Weight5.41 pounds
Package Dimensions17.17 x 11.5 x 4.09 inches

Pros and Cons About Oxford First Time Panniers


  • Many color options available.
  • Unique third seatbelt safety strap secures under the seat
  • Lightweight bag.
  • Convenient to store when not in use.