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Limbsaver Silent Quiver Review

If you love bow hunting, then you must consider the importance of a quiet and flexible Quiver. In that case, you can blindly count on the LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting. More on this incredible quiver on this Limbsaver Silent Quiver Review.

Limbsaver Silent Quiver Review

Limbsaver Silent Quiver Review & Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Brand Name: LimbSaver
  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎Plastic.
  • Made in: USA.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎17.5 x 5.7 x 2.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.5lb.
  • Silent Mode Works By NAVCOM Technology
  • Universal & Lightweight design
  • Double rubber grippers
  • Quick detach system

Silent Quiver by ‎LimbSaver is undoubtedly one of the best for hunting purposes. You can easily pull out your arrows with one hand and zero noise. Arrows fit in place super stable and it absolutely supports any standard arrows. Besides, this bow attachment is very lightweight and the only weight you can feel is the weight of your five arrows.

Another great feature about Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting is it’s super easy to install on your bow. It seats on the bow with just two screws and can be installed within a minute. In addition, the construction materials are very durable and appropriate for any harsh hunting conditions.

What I Liked:

●    This quiver is super adjustable. Apparently, you can adjust both arrow grippers and the entire quiver.
●    It features a super quiet NAVCOM hood which makes hunting sessions more comfortable.
●    Limbsaver Silent Quiver’s double rubber grippers can sturdily hold almost all standard arrows.
●    It is lightweight and comfortable with most hunting bows.

What I Disliked:

●    It is quite difficult to detach the quiver with just one hand.
●    You might need extra attachments for too thin or thick arrows.

FAQs: Limbsaver Silent Quiver

Question: Will it fit a samac sage?
Answer: I’m not sure but fit any standard base with one thread. Love mine!

Question: How does this quiver fit on a mathews chill r ? are broadheads, mechanical and fixed fully covered in the hood?
Answer: The hood is open and hollow and has plenty of room for most broadheads… not sure about the fit on chill r. The quick-disconnect bracket should bolt to the riser or the frame of your sight. Most broadheads should be easily covered by the hoods.

Question: Will this quiver clear a QAD fall away rest.
Answer: Yes. I have it on a Hoyt RX3 with a QAD Ultra Rest and it fits no problem.

Question: Will this fit an infinite edge pro?
Answer: This quiver will attach to any bow that has sight. The quiver mount attaches to the sight bracket, not the bow.

Question: Will this fit a Hoyt Powermax?
Answer: Yes it is universal as long as your bow sight has threaded holes for a quiver if no sight then it will go where your sight would

Question: Can the Rods be shortened for use with Crossbow Bolts?
Answer: These rods are not adjustable.
It would depend on the b I lt length, the total working length from the bottom holder is 10.5″.

Question: How deep is the hood?
Answer: This quiver just measured and it’s 1 1/2 inches at its deepest spot where the broadhead 1 3/4 inches to the foam at the bottom sits.

Question: Does this have a loop to hang?
Answer: Yea it does. I carry a small screw in hook I screw in the tree. There is a small loop at the top of the quiver that I use to hang on the hook.

Question: How does it hold rage broadheads
Answer: The cover where the broadheads go does not have anything that would hold the broadheads. The arrows are held in the quiver at two points and the tips are just covered at the top.

Question: Will G5 Striker Mags fit in the head of this quiver?
Answer: I shoot Muzzy MX-4’s which are 1-1/8″ across and they fit fine. When I checked the specs on the G5 Striker it shows them as 1-1/2″. I think they will fit but I suspect they will hit the sides when inserting the broadhead.

Question: Will victory vap arrows fit in the quiver?
Answer: Yes. I’m using mine on a halon 6 with VAP elite 300 spines. The only issue I’ve had is getting Ramcat broadheads into my quiver. All arrows have fit fine with little to no play.

Question: Will it go on a crossbow
Answer: I installed it on a Barnett Ghost 415 and it works fine. The bolts fit but just barely. I suspect that with a lot of in and outs it may become to loose to hold them. I only put bolts in when I go hunting so it should last a long time.

Question: Will this fit an sas siege or scorpii bow?
Answer: I attached mine to my scope/sight that is on my Hoyt Tribute. I don’t know if it will mount directly to the bow.

Question: Is there novcom material on the inside of the hood?
Answer: No, the hood is soft pliable material, no novcom or anything.

Question: Will it fit a recurve bow?
Answer: If your recurve is drilled and tapped to accept a standard two screw quiver, then yes. If it is not, then no. In that case you would have to buy a strap-on two-piece quiver.

How To Install LimbSaver Silent Quiver?

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