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Hilason Treeless Saddle Review

Having proper balance while riding a horse is pretty important and the new HILASON Western Anti-Slip Grip Horse Saddle can handle it pretty well. Especially, this saddle should be a clever choice if you are looking for a comfortable saddle for hilly roads and uneven trails. This is a treeless saddle. Meaning you will defiantly give a closer feeling of your horse.

Another good thing is, several size saddles are available so you can pick one according to your horse. It is also very comfortable and relaxing for the rider and it is certainly a great saddle for long rides. Here is a small HILASON Treeless Saddle review that might help you.

Features of Hilason Treeless Saddle

These are some fascinating features of the horse saddle.

Durable: These USA-made saddles are made from high-quality materials which give them longer service life. Plus, you can use it in any season without worrying.

Balanced Hard-Running and Quick-Turning: With a good grip on the hip area and comfortable holding on the horse, anyone can quickly turn, hard run, or jump the horse without losing control.

Novice Friendly: This saddle can be used for new learners. With its good grip and comfortable seating area, it can tackle minor errors that most beginners do.

Thigh Grip: It has tight straps for the rider which are really easy to attach and release. Apparently, these straps fit people of any size.

Horse-Friendly Mount: The mounting for the horse is designed to provide less pain on the horse and give more room to move freely.

Easy Mounting and Releasing Mechanism: This incredible saddle is super easy to mount and can be released within few seconds.

Specification of Hilason Saddle

MEDIUM: 14 inches – 21 inches.
LARGE: 19 inches – 25 inches.
X LARGE: 23 inches – 32 inches.
Weight6.4 Ounces
Dimensions10.47 x 7.01 x 2.99 inches

Pros and Cons About Hilason Western Treeless Saddle


  • Slide-resistant saddle.
  • Very comfortable seat.
  • Spread rider’s weight evenly on the horse-back.
  • It doesn’t give back pain.


  • There are not many color options are available.

Honest Video Review: Hilason Treeless Saddle

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