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Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver Review

Tight spot in the so far the best archery equipment manufacturers. It is mostly because of their high quality and durable products. Today I am specifically talking about the Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver. This incredible quiver can hold 7 arrows in the same Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver design. Learn more about it in this Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver Review.

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Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver Review And Feature

Remarkable Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 7 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎High-quality plastic and carbon rods.
  • Dimensions ‏: 23.5 x 6.5 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.2lbs.
  • Operational hand-side: Available for both left and right-hand setup.

Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver is a mind-blower quiver with the capability of holding 7 arrows. The cool part is, this massive number of arrows doesn’t bulk the quiver appearance and you will still see a 5-arrow quiver design. The trick is, the second and the fourth arrow slot can hold 2 arrows individually and allow you to store seven arrows in total.

Besides, this arrows quiver comes with a protective hood to keep your sharp arrows damage free. Plus, I don’t find any wobbliness on this quiver, and pulling and placing arrows were total silent. The quiver is well-balanced s and you can always adjust a bit to achieve the rightmost preference.

Things I Liked:

●    Super easy and silent locking mechanism. Actually, you can mount and unmount the quiver from your bow with one hand.
●    This incredible quiver lets you adjust the tightness of the arrow slots individually.
●    You can adjust everything in this quiver. Apparently, you can adjust this quiver up or down, forward or back, or in or out.
●    It supports almost all the arrows you can find. Ony, you may need to adjust a bit to hold the arrows tight in their slots.

What I Disliked:

●    It comes with one arrow gripper which might not be enough for some scenarios.

Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver

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FAQs: Tight Spot 7 Arrow Quiver

Question: Is TightSpot seven Arrow the Rise model?
Answer: no this tight spot 7 arrow mounts to the sight.

Question: is this actually for a right-handed shooter bow, cause the picture is showing for a left-handed bow?
Answer: It is a right-handed quiver.

Question: I have a mathews heli-m with a Hha optimizer slider sight. Will this fit on it and not get in the way of the slide on the sight
Answer: I think they are a bracket that will make this work for an HHA.

Question: Does the item come in the original package with everything needed to mount onto a bow sight?
Answer: Yes it is in the original packaging and includes everything need to mount to your bow.

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