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Trophy Ridge 2 Piece Quiver Review

Trophy Ridge 2 Piece Quiver is definitely one of the best ones within its price range. Its hexagon-designed hood gives it the quiver more durability and splendid appearance. Know more about its features on this Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece Arrow Quiver Review.

Trophy Ridge 2 Piece Quiver Review And Feature

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece Quiver Review

Highlighted Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Quiver Type: 2-piece quiver.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult
  • Dimensions ‏: 5.12 x 2.25 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: Near 1 pound.
  • Arrowhead protection Hood ‏: ‎Yes.

A perfect quiver is the best asset for overcoming any arrow competition. Especially for bow hunting, you must need a pin drop silent quiver that produces almost zero sound. The Trophy Ridge 2 Piece Quiver is one of the best quivers in the market. First of all, it is quite a silent arrow quiver that holds a maximum of 5 arrows. Because it is a 2-piece quiver, it has the maximum level of vibration reduction.

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This quiver is capable of holding quite heavy arrows without any hassle. Plus, you can get a micro arrow grip from Trophy Ridge in case you need it. The grips are quite good at holding arrows and have goof gaps between arrows. Apparently, you can pull out arrows easily and quietly. Trophy Ridge 2 Piece Quiver also lets you adjust the quiver both vertically and horizontally. Plus, its unique LEDs on both sides make it much more user-friendly and maximize its usability. Moreover, it has a fine-quality hook to hang your quiver on any twig or store it away.

What I Liked:

●    Hex design and high-quality construction materials make it very durable while maintaining lightweight.
●    The unique built-in led lights make it one of the best quivers for nighttime hunting and other purposes.
●    Since this quiver is a 2-piece quiver, you will get significantly less vibration than any other alternatives. 
●   Its compacted hood design lets you comfortable store your bow while keeping the quiver mounted.

Things I Disliked:

●    The 2-piece design is likable by all.
●    Since its holds batteries, you might need to replace them after a certain period.

FAQs: Trophy Ridge 2 Piece 5 Arrow Quiver

Question: Will this fit a Matthews XT?
Answer: As long as the screw for the limbs has a slot to slide the bracket into.

Question: Will this fit a Hoyt carbon Spyder ?
Answer: It comes with attachments that will fit any modern bow.

Question: Will this fit an obsession fx30?
Answer: I would not recommend this for your bow. I know a tight spot quiver costs more bit it would be best option.

Question: Can the lights and batteries be removed to make it lighter weight?
Answer: Yes you may its the matter of dissecting it, personally having a lighter bow would be more ideal if you want to pack lighter. Personally, I don’t mind any weight on the bow it just strengthens your arm more for a steadier shot.

Question: What is the length of the hex extensions? Once attached will it extend past a dial if you have an adjustable sight?
Answer: It’s a two-piece quiver. Do it depends on the mounting bracket. It does set tight to the bow.

Question: Will this fit a Mathews v3?
Answer: Yes and No. I have a v3 29 and it’s profile is too low the arrows fall under the bottom cam about 4 inches and I have 30 in arrows.

Question: Will easty fmj fit they are smaller in diameter?
Answer: I use fmj and I haven’t had any issue, they fit snug. Great quiver and the lights are very nice for hiking in or out at night.

Question: Will this fit a diamond edge sb1?
Answer: It comes with three different studs to fit most bows. It has the keyed stud foe Mathews, hexagon and triangle to fit the cut-outs in the riser.

Question: Will it fit fixed blade broadheads? I shoot 100-grain Thunderheads that don’t fit in my previous quiver.
Answer: Most fixed blade broadheads will fit in this quiver, no problem.

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