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Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver Review

Quivers is undoubtedly a major part of archery. But choosing a well-balanced and sturdy arrow quiver is not an early task. Well, reading this Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver review will help you a lot.

Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver Review & Feature

Impressive Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎ Polymer Plastic.
  • Users: Unisex-Adult
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ ‎  ‎24 x 9.25 x 2.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.17lb.
  • Size : Left-Handed & Right Handed
  • Virtually unbreakable hood
  • Expendables stay closed
  • Keeps broad heads covered

 Tight Spot Quivers are so far one of the finest quiver series that you can find in the market. These incredibly durable quivers are can easily face any challenge with no problem. Besides. It has good sound insulation that makes it a total silent performer. With the ability to hold a wide range of arrows, you can put any arrows you want.

The mounting system is also quite simple and hassle-free. The best part is, you can easily detach your Tight Spot Quivers from the bow with just one hand. By characteristics, It is quite similar to the famous Tight Spot Rise series.

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What I Liked:

●    Its end-hood is rugged and able to cover bigger arrowheads.
●    This quiver features Tight Spot Quiver Brackets which are adjustable to ensure supreme grip.
●    It can hold micro-diameter arrows without wobbling a bit.
●    Despite being a large quiver, it is relatively lightweight.

Things I Disliked:

●    This quiver is in little expensive side.
●    It may feel a little oversized by the appearance in some person’s perspective.

FAQs: Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver

Question: Will Tight Spot hold Goldtip kinetic Pierce platinum arrows?
Answer: Yes they will, at the bottom where you click your arrows in, there is screws you can adjust it to hold any arrows I use the gold tip pro hunter arrows and they fit just fine, I also use the FMJ arrows they are micro diameter arrows, real small and adjusted it for those as well.

Question: Are these the newer models w/the acoustic dampening material in the hood?
Answer: Mine did not come with dampening material/hood sponge.

Question: Will i need the adapter for a black gold ascent verdict 5 pin slider?
Answer: No, it will fit on the black gold sight just fine, the bracket on the tight spot can be adjusted, the lady 5 holes on the sight is where the tight spot mounting bracket will go then the bracket can be moved forward or back as needed, great quiver still using it and has attached on a few different sights with no problem, it first was mounted on a black gold single pin sight with no problems. Hope this help.

Question: Is Tight Spot Arrow in Realtree camo and is it left-handed?
Answer: Yes this listing is for a Realtree APG left-handed quiver.

Question: Will Tight Spot 5 quiver work with adjustable sights?
Answer: Yes definitely but in most cases you’ll need to buy the bracket that is sold separately. I use mine with a HHA adjustable sight.

Question: Are these the new models that come with the secondary upper arrow gripper?
Answer: No I don’t believe so, they have what appears to be spots where your arrow tip etc. Will go, I added some foam to mine and it stopped any noise coming from the arrows when I shoot.

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