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Mathews HD Quiver Review

Mathews HD Quiver is an outstanding arrows quiver that can hold much bigger or thinner arrows. It is made of solid but lightweight materials that are durable and long-lasting. You can comfortably and noiselessly pull the arrows in any circumstances. Apparently, this quiver comes with two arrow-capacity variations. More one them on this Mathews Web Quiver Review.

Mathews HD Quiver Review & Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Capacity: 6 arrows / 4 arrows.
  • Mounting system: ‎ SpiderClaw.
  • Dimensions: ‎9.41 x 5.12 x 3.31 inches.
  • Weight: about ‎0.30 Kilograms
  • Users: Unisex.
  • Adjusts vertically
  • Added Harmonic Damping in both the body and the HD SpiderClaw to reduce sound intensity by 55 percent
  • Foam insert designed to fit most expandable broadheads and fixed blades 1 1/8” and under

The Mathews 6 Arrow Black HD Quiver has a capacity of holding 6 arrows with great formation. The arrows seat very tight and I didn’t find any wobbliness. A great thing is this quiver comes with SpiderClaw mounting system. This mounting system is far better and more user-friendly in many aspects. Plus, both side damper makes this quiver super silent.

Similarly, Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver is almost alike except it holds 4 arrows instead of 6. A significant feature of these quivers is it includes one quick-pull arrow slot. Meaning, there is one slot that allows you to quickly pull the arrow. However, this 4-arrow variation is much more compact and lightweight.

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What I Liked:

●   It has a very minimalistic but elegant design that goes with any bow.
●   The Mathews HD Quiver is great for bigger and mechanical arrows.
●   This incredible quiver allows you to adjust it vertically.
●   It has some more dampers than most quivers.

Things I Didn’t Like:

●   Some bows may need an adapter piece to mount the SpiderClaw.
●   This quiver is on the expensive side.

FAQs: Mathews HD Quiver

Question: Does this come with the broadhead guard that is supposed to come with Matthews HD quivers?
Answer: There is a piece of foam in the upper part of the quiver to protect broadheads.

Question: Does Matthews quiver have a “quick detachment “ so you can take it off without tools?
Answer: Yes. This quiver has a simple, yet secure, quick detachment.

Question: will this quiver fit my 2019 vertix?
Answer: Yes any Mathews, It’s just put it on my vertix works and looks great.

Question: Will Mathews HD quiver hold small diameter arrows?
Answer: Excellent Quiver. I put one on my new Triax. It did take a long time to deliver. I think I waited three months. It holds my maxima blue 250s perfectly. They have a .290 inch diameter. It’s tight enough that I think it would hold something smaller arrows, but I have not tried it will smaller arrows. Hope this helps.

Question: Will this work with micro diameter arrows, such as Easton injexion arrows?
Answer: Yes, the rubber gaps that hold the arrow are narrow enough to secure small diameter hunting arrows.

Question: Will it fit a left-handed bow?
Answer: Yes it will. It is ambidextrous. The hardware can be removed and flipped around to accommodate a left or right-handed person.

Question: Hello the quiver is rh? need an adapter if i have a cbe engage micro sight ???
Answer: It’s both RH and LH. I have Hamskea Trinity rest and Tommy Hogg sight. Have plenty of room. It’s also not as wide as the 8 arrow so it should clear a dovetail as well.

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