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Apex Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver Review

Quivers often play a vital role in bow-hunting. But the real challenge is to find the rightmost arrow quiver that is silent and effective. Here is a brief apex reactor 5 arrow quiver review that might help you to decide.

Apex Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver Review And Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Construction Material: ‎composite construction materials.
  • Users: Unisex.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎4 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1lb.
  • Color ‏: ‎Multiple colors available.

If you are looking for a bit style with superior performance, then go with the apex reactor 5 arrow quiver. This rugged arrow quiver can hold up to 5 arrows with zero wobbling and vibration. It holds arrows pretty solid and gives zero noises while moving in the woods. Besides, the design of this quiver is super elegant. You can easily pull out your arrows with one hand and no noise.

The best thing is, you can easily detach the quiver from your bows with one hand. Apparently, it features a locking switch to mount the quiver in its place. Lastly, Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver allows you to adjust the grips according to your comfort.

What I Liked:

●    It comes with a simple unmounting mechanism. You can easily detach the quiver with one hand.
●    The construction of the quiver s very durable and can handle medium hits.
●    The apex reactor 5 arrow quiver can be used with both left and right-handed bows.
●    The mounting system is super straightforward with just two screws.

What I Disliked:

●    The multi-color design may not be appreciable by all.
●    It weighs little more than other alternatives.

FAQs: Apex Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver

Question: Does this have a quick detach option for while in a tree stand?
Answer: It sure does, I bought this quiver last year and also bought another bow mount attachment. I put that on my climbing treestand, so when I get to the tree, I take the quiver off of the bow and mount it to the stand.

Question: Does it fit southwest recurve bow?
Answer: Recurve bows may or may not have the two threaded holes on the riser.
If you have these two holes, then yes.

Question: does it come with mounting screws?
Answer: Yes it does. Very well made.

Question: Will this quiver fit my ten-point nitro?
Answer: This mounts on the two threaded holes on the riser right above the gripe
All compound bows should have these holes. If the Nitro has them then yes.

Question: will this fit an obsession bow?
Answer: These types of quivers mount to the side of your sight, not directly to the bow. This will mount to most sights.

Question: What is the measurement of the picatinny rail?
Answer: Doesn’t have or contain any picatinny rails, it has a proprietary dovetail and cam lock mount.

Question: Will this fit on a barnett whitetail hunter ii crossbow?
Answer: while i dont know for sure the spacing on most quiver mounts on the majority of bows has been pretty standard for a while and looking at barnett’s website the quivers they offer look identical in bolt spacing. personally id give it a try and if it doesn’t fit just return it.

Question: Are the mounts metal or plastic?
Answer: glass fiber reinforced polymer. very quiet and strong.

Question: Is this compatible with narrow diameter arrows?
Answer: Yes, this quiver will hold narrow dia. arrows. I shoot narrow dia arrows and my quiver holds them well.

Question: Will this work with a Samick Sage recurve bow?
Answer: Only if it has the common screw points as on a compound.

Question: does this come with the mount for the bow?
Answer: Yes it comes with the mount. The lock/ release mechanism is very easy to access and use. Nice product.

Question: Will this be compatible with the apex power dot sight?
Answer: I do not know, when I go hunting I strap it to my backpack

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