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Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver Review

Most of the archers like 4 arrow quiver for their lightweight and compacted design. Undoubtedly, these are crucial for a good quiver. But if you also consider durability and stealthiness, then you should not miss this Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver review.  

Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver Review and Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Capacity: 4 arrows.
  • Material: High-quality plastic. 
  • Pieces: One-piece quiver.
  • Operation hand ‏: ‎Both hand setup is possible.
  • Weight: About 7 oz.

Like I always say, Mathews quivers are made of high-quality materials and are much easier to use. But if you consider the appearance, then the Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver great option for you. In Mathews Q-Lite Vs HD Quiver, I think both have strong design aspects. Plus, its impressive mounting mechanism is super stiff and holds the bow very tightly.

The best thing about this quiver is that it grabs all types of arrows quite well. The weight of this quiver is not significant and well balanced. Taking about balance, adjusting the quiver is pretty effortless. Besides, the arrows seats at a decent distance from each other. Apparently, you won’t face any issue while pulling an arrow quietly.

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What I Liked:

● It is made of premium quality material, it looks and feels very rugged.
● Between Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver Vs TightSpot, I found Mathews HD Quiver more stylish and silent.
● The Mathew’s SipderClaw mounting system is very user-friendly and silent. You eventually can unmount it with just one hand.
● Mathews 4 Arrow Vs 6 Arrow quiver, this 4 Arrow one looks much compacted while mounted.

What I Didn’t Like:

● The first installation process for this quiver might feel difficult to some archer.
● The price of this quiver is on the expensive side.

FAQs: Mathews 4 Arrow HD Quiver

Question: Will Mathews HD Quiver fit a Triax?
Answer: I have a Triax and this HD 4 Arrow Quiver is what I put it on so yes. The instructions that came with mine were not straight forward but there are videos you can use.

Question: will Mathews hd quiver fit the dxt?
Answer: Mathews 4 Arrow fits my Triax. I think its great work on it.

Question: Will Mathews 4 quiver work with micro diameter arrows, such as Easton injexion arrows?
Answer: Definitely Yes, the rubber gaps that hold the Mathews arrow are narrow enough to secure small-diameter hunting arrows.

Question: Will it fit a left-handed bow?
Answer: Yes it will. Mathews 4 Quiver is ambidextrous. The hardware can be removed and flipped around to accommodate a left or right-handed person.

Question: Hello the Mathews quiver is rh? need an adapter if I have a cbe engage micro sight ???
Answer: It’s Need both RH and LH. I have Hamskea Trinity rest and Tommy Hogg sight. Have plenty of room. Mathews 4 quiver is also not as wide as the 8 arrows so it should clear a dovetail as well.

Video Review: Mathews 4 Arrow Web HD Quiver Setup and Assembly