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Apex Reactor XL 5 Arrow Quiver Review

When you think of quivers, you can’t skip the name Apex. This widely renowned archery equipment manufacturer makes incredible quality quivers. Among all, their Reactor series is so far the best line. Especially, if you like a bigger quiver, then definitely you should think about the Apex Reactor XL 5 Arrow Quiver.

Apex Reactor XL 5 Arrow Quiver Review and Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Materials: Aluminum.
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 7.25 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: Near: Around 0.45 Pound.
  • Arrowhead protection Hood ‏: ‎Yes.
Apex Reactor XL 5 Arrow Quiver

For bow hunting, you must need a silent quiver with lesser vibration. The Apex Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver XL is best one of the longest ones with two arrow grips. That means, it can grab the arrows on a wider area and effectively reduce vibration. Especially, arrows won’t wobble a bit while waking silently in the jungle. The mounting system of this quiver is simpler and silent. Moreover, pulling out arrows is super silent and takes less effort. It won’t bother you a bit while you are silently targeting a hunt.

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Features I Liked:

● Apex’s innovative CAM-LOCK mounting system is really great and easy to attach and detach the quiver from the bow.
● It is an XL size quiver with a double-gripper design that provides a superior grip on your arrows and makes everything super silent.
● This quiver supports almost all standard arrows. Apparently, it also grabs the micro arrows pretty well.
● The premium quality rubberlike arrowhead protection hood secures the safety of the tips of your arrows.
● Adjusting the quiver is super easy. You can adjust the quiver in any way to get your comfortable setup.

Things I Disliked:

● It is an XL quiver. So, it isn’t a compacted one.
● There is no option for adjusting the arrow slots individually.

FAQs: Apex Reactor XL 5 Arrow Quiver

Question: Will Apex Reactor 5 quiver work on a left-handed bow?
Answer: Yes. Apex Reactor 5 quiver Works on a lefty and it works great. Apex Reactor came with instructions on how to convert to a left-handed bow. Does require a little disassembly and reassembly but was easy.

Question: Does Apex Reactor quiver grip narrow diameter arrows?
Answer: I have the victory VIP TKO arrows they are a .204 dia. It holds mine perfectly.

Question: Does Apex Reactor have a loop to hang it in the stand when you take it off your bow?
Answer: No loop on Apex Reactor 5 quiver. I like it but don’t hunt from a tree stand.

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