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G5 Head Loc Quiver Review

Speaking of G5 Head Loc Quivers, you will definitely fall in love with stylish appearance and blending colors combination. The clever G5 Head-Loc Quiver Mount is a mentioning worthy mechanism. However, here I am reviewing two G5 Head Loc Quivers- G5 6 arrow quiver and G5 4 arrow quiver.

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G5 Head Loc Quiver Review & Feature

Highlighted Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 6 arrows / 4 arrows.
  • Head: ‎ Head-Loc Rubber Compression Quiver Bracket.
  • Materials: High-quality plastic.
  • Dimensions ‏: ‎18 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Weight: about ‎1.18lb.
  • Adjustable Mount for Customizable Fit
  • Fits Fixed and Mechanical Broadheads
  • Power-Grip Arrow Spreader Holds Arrows Securely

First, let’s talk about the G5 Outdoors Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver. This insanely quiet quiver can hold 6 arrows. The G5 Head-Loc Base Post is fully rubber-coated. It allows you to quietly mount or detach the quiver from your bow silently. In addition, you can individually adjust the arrows holder as your necessity.

Coming to the G5 Head-Loc Air 4 Arrow Quiver, it is quite similar except it has a much minimal structure and holds up to 4 arrows. It holds all the standard arrows tightly and pulling arrows are easier with spacious inner gaps. Plus, the G5 Head-Loc Quiver Mount is quite easier to detach and mount with a simple switch mechanism.

What I Liked:

●   Most of the parts of the G5 Head Loc Quiver are rubber-coated and super silent.
●   It features a switch lock to prevent accidental detachment of the quiver.
●   You can rotate and adjust the quiver according to tour preference.
●   The mounting process is straightforward.

Things I Don’t Like:

●   Supper thin arrows may wobble on this quiver.
●   You first have to pull the safety cap which might feel unpleasing for some people.

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FAQs: G5 Head Loc Quiver

Question: Will G5 Arrow Guiver fit a pse dna bow?
Answer: The quiver does not mount directly to the bow (no 1-piece quiver does). The quiver mount attaches to your sight, and this quiver mount has standard-sized mounting holes, so as long as your sight has standard-sized mounting holes on it for a quiver, it will fit.

Question: Will the G5 Striker Magnum broadheads (1-1/2″) fit in this quiver?
Answer: I doubt It, I shoot 1 1/4 inch and they catch the edge of the hood when sliding in and out. They are also very crowded inside the hood. They will contact each other if you’re not very very careful sliding them in. Nice quiver but that issue is a problem.

Question: I have had a g5 mac-loc for years. is the magnetic mechanism the same?
Answer: There is no magnetic mechanism. That’s what makes the Mag-Loc different from the Head-Loc.

Question: how does this work with large fixed blades? 200gr massai or kodiak points.
Answer: I have The 6 arrow model and I can’t Imagine a large broadhead would fit very well if at all. I shoot An 1 1/4 inch and they catch on the edge of the hood and some have slice the foam trim on it when you slide them in or out. They are very crowded as well and contact each other if you aren’t very careful and rotate them just right. Love the quiver but that issue is a problem.

Question: will this quiver work on my Southwest Archery Spyder recurve bow?
Answer: If the riser on your bow is drilled and tapped for a quiver then this should mount just fine. If your riser on your bow is not drilled and tapped then no this will not work. You will need to look at a traditional recurve quiver that straps to the limbs.

Question: Will this go on a quest thrive?
Answer: Most quivers are made to attach with the same hardware on most modern bows. G5 is part of the prime group just like Quest if I remember correctly. I would not hesitate to buy the quiver at all. I have my G5 on my carbon hoyt and it works great.

Question: Will G5 Head-Loc hold large shafts, aluminum arrows?
Answer: It should. It fits my Gold Tip Hunter 340 spines perfectly, although I don’t recall the shaft diameter. Just standard arrows that I purchased from my local shop.

Question: Will it fit on Hoyt torrex?
Answer: I can’t say that it will fit your specific bow, but often the screw holes are standard and it would depend on other factors. If it’s a newer bow, then probably it will fit.

Product Review: Head-Loc Quiver by G5