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Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver Review

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver is a great quality quiver with an incredibly cheap price tag. Keep reading this Trophy Ridge Quiver Review to have a clear conclusion on this product.

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver Review And Feature

Quick Detach Mounting Bracket

Remarkable Features:

  • Arrow Capacity: 5 arrows.
  • Adjustable dual arrow grippers
  • Construction Material: ‎High-quality plastic and rubber.
  • Soft-Touch hood eliminates noise
  • Dimensions: ‎16 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Hanging loop to easily hang on a tree
  • Weight: ‎0.56lbs.
  • Quick detach mounting bracket
  • Users: Unisex-Adult

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver Review is a superb quiver with the capability of holding 5 arrows. This compacted quiver is incredibly light in weight and provides a comfortable balance while mounted with your bow. Although, you can always adjust the quiver in a different way to achieve the best balance.

Moreover, its lightweight ensures that you can hold your bow longer time without pain on your wrist. The arrow grips are quite good at their work. Plus, having two grips are always better than one. It significantly improves vibration. Lastly, I found the mounting mechanism very user-friendly and quiet.

Things I Liked:

●    This quiver is super quiet with its rubber-based hood.
●    This incredible quiver is far cheaper considering its build quality and features.
●    This Trophy Ridge Quiver includes two arrows grippers that are completely adjustable.
●    This amusing quiver has half of the weight of any standard quiver.

What I Disliked:

● It may not be compatible with micro arrows properly.

Lightweight Design with Hanging Loop

FAQs: Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Quiver

Question: will Trophy Ridge 5 spot fit a Bennett tom cat bow?
Answer: It will mount to any sight bracket with standard mounting holes.

Question: Will this fit a hoyt maxxis 31?
Answer: Trophy Ridge 5 Spot quiver is made to bolt to your sight. If your sight has the two threaded holes in it for a quiver it will work on your bow.

Question: How does Trophy Ridge quiver detach from the bow? Twist lock, lever release or some other type of mount?
Answer: It’s got a slide lock and then twists off. It mounts to two pins and pivots on one of them. Simple to detach but sometimes takes two or three attempts to get back on when trying to in the dark after a sit.

Question: Will ridge 5 Spot mount on a mission crave bow?
Answer: The quiver bracket utilizes the standard mounting holes on the bows riser which are the same on most bows including yours. So the short answer is yes, it will fit your bow.

Question: Will this fit on a barnett wildcat crossbow?
Answer: I bought a picatinny rail mount for my Middleton crossbow and it works great.

Question: Does it have different sets of hardware and screws to mount on different types of bows?
Answer: the mounting system is pretty universal as far as different bows and risers. as long as you see the two threaded bosses (usually where sight would be mounted) it should fit. if you are looking to mount it somehow to the bow limbs, I don’t think that will work with this quiver.

Question: Will the trophy ridge 5 spot fit the PSE stinger max?
Answer: It will I put it on mine but it’s a lot smaller than normal ones when you have broad heads on.

Question: Will this fit a Bear Flare?
Answer: It will fit on all standard compound bows and mount to the sight bracket.

Question: Will it work on a mandarin duck phantom recurve?
Answer: If your recurve has standard inserts on the riser, the trophy ridge quiver will work very well.

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